43 marginals we know NEW voters can swing #GOTV #voteLabour #GE17

An excellent new graphic shows 43 marginal seats where the margin of victory in 2015 was less than the number of new voters who have registered to vote since 2015. Many of those new voters will have registered to support Labour. Some will not.

Some of those seats were won by Labour in the last General Election. Those need every available effort to defend them. Some are held by Tories or LibDems – those need every effort to win them.

Elderly voters are starting to switch to Labour as they wake up to the abuse the Tories have planned for them after 8 June. Well over 1.5 million new voters have registered across the country – many of them young and inspired by the vision of Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, for a better, fairer country and society.

This election can be won. But it needs your help to make it happen. Check the chart below and find a seat near you where your efforts can be targeted most effectively (there’s a searchable text list at the end of the article in case you need it).

Then jump in.

new voter margs

Help with campaigning, with canvassing, with phone-banking – there’s a fantastic new phone-banking tool that Labour supporters can now use to help get the word – and the vote – out.

We can remove the Tories on 8 June and make them pay the price for their hubris and spinelessness. Will you help to do it?

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Searchable list of seats:

Birmingham Northfield
North East Derbyshire
Richmond Park
Walsall North
Hampstead and Kilburn
Lancaster incl Fleetwood
Thornbury and Yate
South port
Carshalton and Wallington
Wolverhampton South West
Plymouth Moor View
Brighton Kemptown
Barrow and Furness
Wirral West
Ynys Mon
Weaver Vale
Enfield North
Vale of Clwyd
Ealing Central incl Acton
Bolton West
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport
Brentford and lsleworth
Bury North
City of Chester
Morley and Outwood
Ilford North
Derby North
Croydon Central


  1. Hi. This is a story I’m pleased to see, but how accurate is it? No sources given, and there’s the word ‘estimated’ in the key. Well how was this estimated, and where did the data come from?

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