#ToryManifesto: “you’ll only see online news we want you to see” #GE17 #censorship

As today’s Independent points out, the Tories have slipped plans into their manifesto to extend their ‘Snoopers’ charter’ to include control over what news the British public is allowed to see online.

big sister.png

The manifesto item – tellingly one of the most firmly-phrased in the document – states that the Tories will:

take steps to protect the reliability and objectivity of information that is essential to our democracy

Considering that the Tories – panicked by the popularity of Labour’s fully-costed manifesto – have been a significant source of fake news on more than one occasion this week – there is no shortage of either irony or arrogance in this plan.

It’s very clear to those who keep an eye on such things that ‘fake news’ is very often a label of convenience used by the Establishment and its supporters against any source of news that is inconvenient rather than inaccurate, so for the Tories to claim this plan is to protect democracy is, frankly, treating us all as idiots.

If Theresa May and her party manage to fool enough people into voting for them, it’s plain that they intend to further rig our democracy rather than protecting it, by preventing voters’ access to the awkward facts that are all too easily omitted by a largely compliant mainstream.

Taken together with the Tories’ plan to proceed with boundary changes that will make it even harder to dislodge them from government – and their plan to require formal ID from every voter, which is known to mitigate against ethnic minorities who are less likely to support the Tories – the Conservative manifesto becomes a truly frightening document for anyone with any concern for the importance of free speech to the proper functioning of the UK’s democracy.

There are reasons not to vote Tory in almost every line of the Tories’ manifesto, but if you want the UK to remain a functional democracy rather than a gerrymandered sham, this ‘Big Sister’ plan is a huge one.

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  1. She has obviously picked up some tips from that well known advocate for freedom and democracy Tayyip Erdoğan

  2. Any idea what chapter these erosion of our freedom is in Mein Kampf?
    Don’t you just love the part of this tripe that the news advertising on FB and google is hitting the paper media advertising revenues haha oh dear are a few media barons watching the demise of their disgusting rags

  3. Tell you what re that manifesto-she’s changed horses midstream, now it’s radical Red Tory Theresa, not strong & stable.

    And don’t you think that sends out mixed messages to everybody, to put it kindly? You never even consider doing that if you’ve an atom of sense, as a party leader, because people will start doubting what you’ve already said, and then start doubting about what you’ve just said.

    Despite what spin the BBC/MSM try to put on it, there may very well be enough sentient voters out there now thinking twice about this.

  4. Yep – this is how you start a totalitarian regime – by controlling information.

  5. We cannot let her get away with this….. everything that is decent is at risk of total annihilation in her hands. Very scary thought. Erdogan, Hitler, and co are her rolemodels so it seems.

  6. Der Furer has spoken and we should all bow down before her, NOT. The sooner this woman is assigned to the history books the better. My father faught to rid the western world of fascism and here it is alive and well in the UK. With the Home Secretary spouting from Mien Kamph and the PM strutting about as if she owns the country with her name ten times the size of her party on the side of the bus. Well creeping about the country. she doesn’t want to meet with the common folk in case she gets her snow white hands dirty.

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