Tories add a PS (FU) to their #stupidestsuicidenote #Torymanifesto

As the SKWAWKBOX showed last night, leaks of the Tory manifesto for the General Election show it represents what may be the ‘stupidest suicide note in history’, with measures that attack both our babies and our grandparents writ large.

The arrogance stupidity of the policies will not be properly highlighted by the Establishment media today, but even the most self-centred voter – all but the most sociopathic – cares about his/her children and grandparents.

oap manif.png

You’d think about the only thing the Tories could do so make it more stupid would be to attack the nations pets. You’d be wrong though. The Conservative party has added a ‘PS’ to the leaks of its manifesto last night that might be almost as damaging as declaring a cull of our dogs and cats.

A cut to pensions.

As journalist Paul Mason pointed out this morning:

paul m manif.png

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the pensioner vote to the Tories remaining in Downing Street over the last seven years. Pensioners vote – almost all of them – and that fact has forced the Conservatives to avoid any measures that would damage them directly.

Until now. Pensioners were already starting to desert the party as they realised the damage that the Tories were doing to the health, education and life chances of their children and grandchildren. But an attack on pensions, social care and the winter fuel allowance?

The Tories may well turn a river into a flood – accompanied by any of their kids who usually vote Conservative, as they realise the effect this is going to have on their parents. And on their own inheritance.

Just in case you need a reminder of the horror show Theresa May is about to unveil, here are some of the Tory manifesto policies – the attacks on the vulnerable which, if elected, they will claim an explicit mandate to carry out:

tory policy list

Or watch this brilliant video by EL4JC:

Even the few safeguards they’ve included are meaningless – they’ve promised them before and conveniently ‘forgot’ them as soon as they’d served their electoral purpose:

Is this move driven by hubris or by desperation to appear tough? Either way, the postscript to the most electorally stupid manifesto in history shows just how far the Tories have slid from reality.

So tell your mum and dad, your granny, nanny, grandma, gramps, grandad, grandpa. They might not read Facebook or Twitter but when they realise what the Conservatives plan to do to them those middle fingers (or possibly the first and middle for a good old-fashioned V-sign) will be twitching.

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  1. As someone who is in receipt of the state pension you had me worried for a moment there – “..A cut to pensions…”

    Thank goodness it’s not true! At least not as long as the inflation or average earnings figures are increasing.

      1. I was trying to make the point that the reference to a cut in pensions was untrue. Pensions (so long as wages or inflation are going up) will continue to increase.

        It’s fair enough to criticise what the politicians, of whatever colour, are actually proposing; it’s not fair to invent something they haven’t said and criticise that!

  2. humane society – received another nail in its coffin! Vote Labour to prevent this country going totally t*ts up under the self-serving selfobsessed tories. We want/need a government for the many not the few!

  3. It’s all quite terrifying, but am I alone in thinking that from the outset, the Tories may not actually want to win this election? Could it be they are shit-scared of Brexit and would rather leave it to Labour to sort out. The Tory establishment can then blame Labour and Europe for all the Nation’s subsequent woes, but after it’s all been sorted out and and we’re just about on an even keel, they’ll inevitably be re-elected and once more, like parasites, proceed to feed upon the Nation’s life-blood once more.

  4. It’s called Capitalism they’ve sold off the NHS and are making inroads into the whole of Social Security defund, underfund, sell off and that’s what they’re doing to the country. They’re already deep in negotiations with TTIP and the other egregious so called trade deals and will sell off our sovereignty these deals are Capitalism at it’s finest to be one you need to have your conscience, empathy, compassion and interest in anyone but you and yours surgically removed. Everything May says the Labour party will do is what she will do it’s called ‘Projection’ those in need without the ability to take care of themselves financially are considered ‘Empty eaters’ and of no interest to them. They are ‘Motivating’ millions with untold misery and the prospect of death through egregious welfare and benefit policies. The assessments are entirely aimed at making it so painful to jump through the DWP hoops that tens of thousands have died as a result of having benefits removed. The fact that if you’re sanctioned while on benefits you also lose your housing and council tax benefits and must reapply almost ensuring that tens of thousands will be made homeless because of the new Universal Credit debacle. May is saying those who ‘Get on with it’ without being a burden on her one party state will be okay, maybe. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/the-tories-are-creating-a-one-party-state-and-nobody-gives-a-damn-a6849376.html

  5. Elections are rigged & power is siezed under the blinded eye of soft touch regulators imposing paltry fines. Regulators can do nothing to stem determined criminal conduct. The CPS were “got at” decades ago:


    If the Tories know they’re now in the clear on fiddling election expenses, why not call upon the method that threw every media pundit last time around and rig it again? The ends justify the means and gaining power gives them carte blanche to further poison the regulators, cover their trackd and conceal the evidence. If we think putting an ❎ in a box might do away with this, we are sadly mistaken.

    They would not risk releasing such a heinous manifesto if a contingency was not in place allowing them to get away with it.

  6. I am a PENSIONER I have never voted for anyone other than LABOUR.
    THIS TIME ROUND I will do the same, even more so with Jeremy as our leader along with those who have the ability to do what’s correct for everyone, not just a few!

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