Nurse worried about feeding her family. Hammond’s response? Stats. #GE17


It seems the Maybot is not the only automaton in the upper echelons of the Tory party. As if Philip Hammond’s ‘does not compute’ meltdown on Radio 4’s Today programme was not enough, he was asked on a BBC phone-in, to respond to a nurse who was worried about being able to feed her family. Hammond’s response to this most urgent and human of concerns?

Quote some statistics:

Labour’s human Shadow Chancellor was quick to call out Hapless Hammond’s indifference:

No wonder Hammond has taken a leaf from Theresa May’s book by running scared from his opposite number’s challenge to a debate.

#WeakAndWobbly, #WrongAndUnstable or any other permutation you can think of – the Tories are rotten from the top down and neither fit nor competent to tie the shoes of the people they’re hurting, let alone negotiate a complex settlement with EU leaders.

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  1. If people understand the thinking behind the Tory Neo-Liberal agenda, they will know that the Tories think economics happens all by itself, they in Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek’s terms say that all government has to do is to set the economic framework and we will all do the rest. All politicians have to do then is sit back and let things take in their terms it’s natural course.

    So we have a hurricane that has never happened before and all we do is leave trees across the roads because government mustn’t interfere, so to speak. Well in reality what is government for if it won’t intervene where necessary.

    Hammond and all Tories are lazy politicians that exploit people’s ignorance and hand as much responsibility outside government control so that they say it has nothing to do with them. Whereas government has evolved to overcome the tribulations of life, and the Tories want to return us back into the dark ages so that we all fight among ourselves whilst they and their rich friends exploit the stupidity of the rest of us.

    I do hope people start to wake up.

  2. These people are living in cloud cucoo land. They live in their mansions with their servents and public paid for cars and drivers with the back windows blacked out so they don’t have to see the outside world.

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