Tory MP candidate ‘creates fake news’ for campaign #GE17 #TheresasTories

Lucy Allan, the former Tory MP – and now candidate – for Telford is no stranger to controversy.

She was at the centre of bullying allegations after a ranting voicemail left by Allan on the phone of a former employee, who was on sick leave at the time, was released. Ms Allan denied bullying but later apologised for ‘wrong‘ and ‘stupid‘ behaviour.

She was also the subject of a #sackLucyAllan campaign after allegedly doctoring an email she had received from a constituent to make it look like a death threat – she later admitted the act, but claimed she had not meant to imply all the comments were from the same sender.

Now Allan has been accused of creating fake news after publishing photographs on Twitter that appear to show the same man as both a ‘concerned resident’ and a member of her campaign.

Sharp-eyed Twitter user Tim Finch spotted Ms Allan’s apparent, er, creative use of facts and confronted the Tory candidate publicly. Note the gentleman to the right of the picture Ms Allan posted of herself with two of her campaigners:

allan team.png

Now look at the ‘supportive resident’ accepting a campaign leaflet from Allan in this tweeted picture:

allan resident

They didn’t even bother to change his shirt for the photos:

shirt comparison

In fact, judging by the uncut grass in both photos and what may be sweat stain’s on the campaigner’s shirt, it’s possible both are taken at the same house.

Ms Allan has not, to the SKWAWKBOX’s knowledge, responded to Mr Finch’s tweet pointing out what he termed her ‘fake news’. This blog has been unsuccessful in reaching her for comment.

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    1. I disagree they are pretty good at taking from the needy and handing it to their rich mates. Among other repugnant skills in their portfolio of disaster.

  1. People don’t give a toss. It’s the wealth accumulators against the skint, and the tories get the votes by convincing the skint that they will be accumulating wealth as long as they vote against their skinter neighbour.

    1. Actually, I agree that it’s all in the psychology, people like to feel superior and they think voting Tory makes them “smarter than thou” fortunately though, not everyone is like this.

      1. It’s shocking to me what’s happening to the social security of the disabled under the Conservatives and the lack of effect that it’s having on their popularity it seems.

      2. and yeah I agree with you that Labour Vs Tory has this time round really been pushed as this (soppy hearts vs big brains) and it’s totally not the case.

  2. Not only the same house, but probably an empty one considering everyone else has their bins out but this one doesn’t 🙂

  3. I am not being funny here but is Lucy Allan psychologically OK to be an MP? I cannot understand why after all the woes her doctored emails caused her she even thought this would be OK and that she could get away with her lies – yet again.

  4. Not a sweat stain, pretty sure it is a T-shirt under the White Shirt. A sweat stain would indicate they were working hard, not sure standing at 1 door for a fake photo fills that brief!

  5. Just goes to show the Tory candidates are crap, must be if they have to resort to schoolboy pranks to try and win votes! Even using the same bloke … they are either incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant that thay think we are stupid and they’ll get away with it. Either way shows how callous they are, how arrogant they are and how undeserving of our votes they are. People of Telford teach this crass woman a bloody lesson, don’t vote for her, even if you are Tory. I’d not vote if nothing else!

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