May sends letter begging for support – to Welsh Labour leader #GE17

The Tory campaign – or rather, Theresa May’s campaign, since almost no other Tory front-benchers have been seen and the campaign branding is all about May with the Conservatives’ logo almost invisible – has been lurching from fiasco to disaster.

And that doesn’t only apply to May’s personal (or robotic) appearances.

May has been sending rather desperate letters to huge numbers of people, frankly begging them to give her their support – and it seems she’s not fussy about who she sends them to.

Carwyn Jones is the leader of Welsh Labour and you’d think the Tory admin machine would know better than to send him a Theresa May begging letter – but no. Sure enough, he received one, to his considerable amusement:

carwen may.png

Jones saw the funny side:

But it’s to be hoped that everyone else who receives one will see this transparent nonsense for what it is – a sign of the Tories’ complete bankruptcy of ideas and the edge of desperation that has infected their efforts since Corbyn and Labour outclassed them on day one of campaigning.

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  1. The Conservatives own research shows that the Conservative brand is toxic, hence they use ‘Tory’ or ‘Theresa’ May’. It, therefore, makes sense for the Conservatives’ opponents to refer to them as Conservatives (rather than Tories).

  2. ‘Wrong and Unstable.’ seems to be the truth of it.’ Wrong and Unstable,’ needs to be got out to the public to wash their brains CLEAR of the CON’S desperate attempt to convince their victims to vote for the crucifixion of another five years of being conned , kicked and exploited AND HUNG OUT TO DRY.

    And let’s start calling them by their REAL name: the CONS.


  3. Michael Fallon interview on Andrew Marr show was a complete car crash.

    I wouldn’t trust this lying incompetent to run a jumble sale without cocking it up.

    Whoever thinks he is a fit and proper person to head up defence needs their head seeing to.

  4. So if she’s asking people to support her by voting Tory in their own constituencies, which she specifically names, is that national or local campaigning? (Just asking for when we check all their election expenses later on.)

    1. That’s what I have been trying to find out… my daughters who have postal votes received a joint letter which looks identical to ‘Carwyn’s’ except that it has their names and our constituency mentioned. (I gave up counting the number of ‘strongs’ and ‘stables’.

  5. I was always taught never to start a sentence with And. Seems like its one rule for the rich and another for the working class for English Grammar. Talking of grammar is it not her who wants to increase the number of Grammar Schools?

  6. I had one of these letters slither through my letterbox last week, my name was mentioned 5 times, the constituency twice, it is all about her, she could outdo J.K.Rowling in the fiction department. Have the tories got a freepost address so I can send it back enclosed in a copy of the yellow pages?

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