If you thought the Bunker meme had been done to death, you were wrong #GE17

If, like the SKWAWKBOX, you thought the ‘Hitler’s bunker’ meme had exhausted its possibilities and could never be quite as funny again, think again.

This version – it works so well because it’s probably not that far from the truth – has a moustachioed Theresa May berating her advisors over the manifesto leak, social media – and even Buzzfeed’s article on the reach of left-wing blogs, which covers the SKWAWKBOX at some length, gets a nod – and May’s ‘hide and seek’ campaign method. (Not sure whether it was made by the Twitter account where we found it but credit will be added once we know.)

More – far more – than worth watching and sharing:

And if you want more eviscerating humour that shines a spotlight on tory nonsense, hypocrisy and awful campaigning, watch this brilliant video by Tom Walker as Jonathan Pie.

Humour to Tories is like sunlight to vampires – deadly because it exposes the rottenness within. Please share widely.

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