#Torycampaignfraud: no prosecutions, no surprise

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) has announced that no charges will be brought in all but one of the cases of Tory election expense fraud. This should surprise no one – it was always likely to be an Establishment-friendly decision, especially once Theresa May called a General Election.


That doesn’t make it any less scandalous. The Tories have already been fined the maximum £70,000 that the Electoral Commission (EC) could impose – and the head of the EC said she would have fined them far more had she been able to – so the fact that false declarations were made is established. The fact of Tory intent was inadvertently revealed by a Tory publication in interviews with Conservative figures crowing over their success.

It is what it is – every Labour supporter knows that we are fighting an Establishment that tends to close ranks to protect itself.

We must make sure the electorate doesn’t mistake the decision not to prosecute as a declaration of innocence – the EC fine is proof that the Tories broke campaigning rules in 2015 and they appear to be trying to find ways around those rules in 2017.

If you’re angry about this, good. Channel that into even greater efforts on the doorstep, online, with friends, family, neighbours to bring down the Tories on 8 June.

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  1. What else were we to expect so no surprises then I am losing the will to live!.

  2. oh dear justice hay the heavy hand of nah its only us peasants that feel that

  3. Scandalous, a travesty of justice. There is nothing lawful about letting those who have committed fraud off the hook.
    Again it shows that tories are totally unworthy of trust.

  4. Nap, weren’t it?

    Especially when Michael Green’s/Seb Fox’s/Grant Shapps’ *AHEM* ‘Shenanigans’: “May have constituted fraud”.

    And Zawahi’s expense claim for heating his stables was: “An oversight”. Meanwhile, there are some poor sods on benefits getting prosecuted AND automatically being hit with a £50 civil penalty for DWP mistake(s)!?

    ‘Not in the public interest’ …F complete and total FS. They’ve been a part of governing the country – How the bleedin’ hell it’s NOT in the public interest is beyond all reason.

    I despair.

  5. Meanwhie, the headlines on the ‘impartial’ 6 o’clock news…

    “Trump sacks FBI chief”

    Not a mention of the fraudulent, self-serving tory party being given YET ANOTHER free pass…

    But hey! Former FBI chief James Comey is 6′ 8″ y’know?


  6. Let’s use this positively.

    The CPS says the Tories are not criminals, because they were too thick to understand the legislation they were supposed to follow.

    Someone from Conservative Central Office told these MPs what to do, and they did it unquestioningly.
    They were unable to look up or understand the regulations for themselves.

    So, how can they be suitable people to be MPs?
    How can they be voted in to create and scrutinise prospective legislation and policy? When they can’t understand the legislation that already exists?

    How can they be trusted to scrutinise and understand Brexit and trade deal negotiations? If they can’t read for themselves the legislation that governs the central activity of their full time job?

    “But Conservative central office told us it was alright!”

    So, what if an EU negotiator or lobbyist tells them something’s alright?
    Or a US trade negotiator?

    I think Labour should not let this drop.

    Attack the 30 Tory candidates massively and repeatedly on the basis of their self confessed naivety and incompetence and keep it up til polling day

    1. Spot-on. Well said!

      If I told you to to rob a bank and use my car for a getaway vehicle because I said it was ok – we’d BOTH do time. This is NO different. ‘Joint Enterprise’ in my opinion, and ‘feigned’ ignorance is no excuse.

      You’re entirely right, though. Apparently, the toera…Sorry ‘tories’ are the best party to administer brexit.

      Except they can’t (lawfully) administer election expenses. (What other unlawful, irresponsible & downright iniquitous activities must the tories commit, in order for the undecided – and those erring towards them – ‘Wise up’ to them? WAKE UP, FOLKS – PLEASE?!)

      Nor, it’s apparent, can they individually administer their parliamentary expenses…Although in fairness they’re not the only ones in that respect – but innit strange that only Labour MP’s went to jail?

      (And as for them convicted – Even they didn’t get a substantial enough sentence, like a benefit ‘cheat’ would…And before any tory lurker decides to butt in; Lords don’t count in this instance – they’re unelected…And THEY didn’t do enough ‘budgie’ neither.)

      Stranger still, that a Labour MP was once prosecuted for election expenses ‘irregularities’…


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