Tory media just won #GE17 – for Labour – with leaked #LabourManifesto

So, just as Corbyn’s team were playing an extremely clever game by making the media wait for an official announcement on tuition fees and letting speculation build anticipation, someone at Labour HQ decided to leak Labour’s entire manifesto.

Well, not quite. What they released is an early draft, but one which contains the bones of Labour’s vision under Corbyn.

And the right-wing media have just committed a colossal mistake – shot themselves in the foot, in fact – by going huge on it.

Because it’s fantastic.

shot in foot

It captures the scale and boldness of vision that has crowds like this turning out even in Tory cities:

york crowd.png

Of course the Torygraph (T) and the right-wing ticks still embedded in Labour are sneering at the document and assuming it will be damaging – bears s**t in the woods, it’s what they do.

But all they’re achieving is showing how incredibly out of touch and redundant they are.

The T is attempting to portray the document as some march back in time to the bad old days. Well, it would, wouldn’t it – being owned by a billionaire and all. But if there was any honesty its front page would look like this:

true telegraph.png

But the detail of the article shows, in a way that even T propagandists can’t airbrush away, the boldest and most people-friendly political manifesto seen in this writer’s lifetime.

It’s well known that a big majority of the British public think Corbyn’s policies are excellent – but don’t know they’re Labour policies because of the MSM (mainstream media) misrepresentation.

They’ll know now!

Here are just some of the policies – which have already been shown to be massively popular:

  • Fund the NHS properly and stop it being sold off
  • Make sure there are always safe nurse/patient numbers so people don’t die unnecessarily
  • Pay nurses while they train because we bloody well need nurses
  • Fund education properly and create a National Education Service to match the NHS – free at the point of need for everyone
  • Scrap the university tuition fees that have our kids manacled to debt for thirty years, before they even think about trying to buy a home.
  • Pay people enough to live on – so they don’t need to claim benefits.
  • Don’t send our servicemen and women to be killed abroad unless there’s no other option
  • Pay carers a bit – they save us a fortune
  • Give all kids free school meals so those with poor parents aren’t humiliated and nobody’s unable to study because they’re too hungry
  • Stop making relatives pay to park when they’re with their sick loved ones – they have enough on their plate
  • Build homes, so we don’t watch our kids live at the mercy of landlords all their lives
  • Pay public sector workers properly – it’s fantastic for the economy and makes us all richer, as well as improving the quality of life for everyone
  • No tax increases if you earn less than £80,000 a year – that’s 95% of us!
  • Make firms that want to profit from government contracts actually pay their bloody taxes on those profits
  • Make big firms pay little firms promptly, so little firms – the vast majority of employers in this country – don’t go bust for lack of cashflow
  • Renationalise public transport – so we don’t all get ripped off for being treated like cattle

There is – in absolute seriousness – nothing in that list for the vast majority of thinking human beings in this country to dislike.

Some people get it. Like comedian Josie Long:


And now it’s headline news – and just about everybody in this country knows who to vote for if they want it. And as even the MSM has been saying for months – nearly everyone wants it.

They also just gave every Labour supporter in this country a ready-made opportunity to discuss this absolutely bloody fantastic manifesto with colleagues, friends, family, the person in the queue at the supermarket – even with those who would never normally discuss politics.

Talk about unintended consequences. In attempting to damage Labour with a leaked document, the Tory press has just very possibly won the General Election – for Labour.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    People-friendly Manifesto that Britain deserves
    A Forward-thinking
    Progressive search for Active-Democracy

  2. YAY! I have been campaigning for some of these policies for years now – excellent news to see they’ve made it into the Labour Manifesto!

  3. This Labour manifesto is quite simply the best offer ever made to the public by any party in the history of British politics.

    Voters would be absolutely bonkers to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a prosperous future for themselves, for their children and for their country.

  4. I’m going to print copies of the Labour manifesto off and post them through as many letterboxes as I can. If every labour supporter did this just in their street, we could cover the country.

    I’ll entitle it:

    What The Press Don’t Want You To Read About Labour Manifesto

  5. What needs to be done is educate the ignorant who make the stock right wing ANSWER when asked by the right wing MEDIA who in your TINY MIND think who’s the stronger leader MAY or CORBIN?
    Because the MEDIA the RIGHT WING and the unintelligent folk of this country believe what they’re being told and they no better!
    Are these people so thick that they can’t remember what the TORY POLICIES have done to the common people of this COUNTRY?
    We are going thru what we went thru under THATCHER, now I never thought for one minute it could get Worse YET IT HAS, since 2010!

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