Disabled people are terrified of another Tory govt. Here’s why. #GE17

The plight of disabled people under a Tory government seems to be receiving little attention from the media in this election battle. The public needs to be aware what they will be condemning people with mental or physical health problems to if they vote Tory in the General Election.


Tories attack disabled
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As an excellent article by the Canary pointed out earlier this week:

Since 2010, the Tories have cut, among other things:

  • The Independent Living Fund (ILF), which previously supported people with care packages. Since the government cut it, in some areas 88% of people have seen their care packages reduced by up to 50%.
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for sick and disabled people in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG) by a third. This will affect 500,000 people. 55% a week from ESA for sick and disabled 18-to-25-year-olds. 51,000 disabled people’s
  • Motability vehicles, which were important for them to live independently.
  • PIP from 164,000 people living with mental health issues. And the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has reduced or stopped PIP for nearly half (45%) of all claimants.

And meanwhile:

  • The DWP was caught up in a scandal involving fit-for-work assessors asking people why they hadn’t “killed” themselves.
  • A study found that the DWP fit-for-work assessments caused people permanent mental health damage.
  • 62% of people the DWP sanctions live with mental health issues.
  • 10,600 people died after their benefit claims ended.
  • 90 people a month are dying after the DWP declares them ‘fit-for-work’.
  • 590 people may have taken their own life due, in part, to DWP fit-for-work tests.

You know what to do

In fact, new figures now suggest that all the suffering has been for nothing. Because Tory cuts haven’t even saved the money they were supposed to. But this is perhaps unsurprising given that, as The Guardian recently wrote, Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be (at the very least) “clueless… on the impact of the government’s social security policy”.

This awful litany of Tory shame needs little further elaboration – but people need to be aware of it. Please take the following steps now to support our vulnerable brothers and sisters against a party that seems to persecute them – even though the evidence shows it saves no money – just because it can:

  • Get angry
  • Get the word out by sharing this article and others
  • Get registered to vote (if you don’t have a national insurance number to register, a 5-minute call to 0300 200 3500 will have it with you within ten days, so you’ll still have time to register before the 22 May deadline)
  • Get informed – via the SKWAWKBOX and/or other independent media
  • Get talking – discuss these issues and other key policies with friends, family, colleagues, anyone you can. The media are not going to tell them these facts – you need to
  • Get organised – join and get involved in the Labour party, a union (you can join Unite Community if you’re unwaged)
  • Get voting

The Tories think we don’t care enough to kick them out. They’re gambling on it. Let’s make sure it’s a losing gamble.

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  1. As a disability activist I want to thank you for writing this and drawing attention]n to our plight. I reblogged it on my page.

    I was involved with the DPAC protest in London on Tuesday.

    Donation will be made over weekend.


  2. As a disabled person myself thank you for highlighting the cruelty metered out by the Tory Govt, we really do only have one hope for our future, a Jeremy Corbyn led Govt.

  3. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    I’m a disabled person, and I, too, am terrified of yet more time under a Tory regime.

    I am sickened that thousands of us have died needlessly because Blair and his ‘New Labour’ pals decided to start the ball rolling, and put the diabled in the target, and then the Tories took over, and all they have been doing is to make things 400 times worse for us ever since.

    All of this seems to be happening with barely a whimper of protest, rather than the huge roar that there should be happening, by the great british public!

    I thought I had been born into a democracy, made great by my parent’s and grandparent’s sacrifices – but it doesn’t feel like a democracy, when just one political party can turn the UK media against it’s own people 🙁

    We are left without a voice, without a hope, without any kind of decent life, and every person that votes for the Tories, come June, are putting ever more nails in our coffins.

    So, when June comes, let’s say goodbye to May, and vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party – where people come first!

  4. Thank God someone is speaking up for people with disabilities. The Tory record so far, is horrific. Even the UN condemned it in a report which the Tory government swept under the carpet.

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