Exclusive: police ‘threaten to arrest’ Southall protestors against Labour candidate

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX covered the protest by residents of Ealing Southall constituency against the continued selection of Labour MP Virendra Sharma who, they allege, is unfit for the role.

Unusual enough, but events unfolded in an even more dramatic direction when police arrived – allegedly at Sharma’s behest – at the protest, still indoors at this point next door to the MP’s office and are said to have threatened to arrest protestors if any protest was held outside the constituency office.

Southall United #GE17 Protest Meeting 03 04 2017
Residents – indoors – at the Southall United protest

This move appears to have signalled ‘gloves off’ to Southall United protest group, as they have issued a remarkable press release listing allegations against Sharma and also Labour deputy leader Tom Watson:


Tom WatsonMP shows total disrespect and divides Southall Community.
Southall United- an alliance of faith communities of Southall held its protest meeting yesterday next door to the disgraced local MP and now candidate Sharma’s office.

MP Sharma has lost all community credibility as he sent in the Police to the United Southall community meeting. The Police officers interrupted the peaceful meeting by threatening to arrest people, if they held any form of demonstration outside the disgraced MP Sharma’s office.

The community feels vindicated by the regretful [sic] actions of MP Sharma, as this is his latest tactic to silence the community. MP Sharma is isolated, weak and a total failure as meeting concluded yesterday. “This is the actions of a desperate, discredited MP working against us all”.

The Southall United panel of speakers at the protest meeting included local faith leaders, past and present Labour councilors’ and young people. Who freely expressed their revulsion at MP Tom Watson (Chairman of Labour Party) for his sheer disrespect shown to the people of Southall since he was personally handed their letter for immediate removal of MP Sharma as the local candidate. Tom Watson has refused to budge and is supporting his disgraced friends India supporting rent boy and drugs scandal MP Keith Vaz and divisive Southall MP Sharma.

This action follows after the biggest Sikh Temple outside of India located in Southall issued a damming 3 page letter in which they have asked the Labour Party not only to bar Mr. Virendra Sharma MP from standing as an MP but also to expel Mr. Sharma from the Labour Party.

The Faith communities have given an ultimatum to the Labour Party to protect their exemplary social cohesion and not to risk it with the now total liability Mr. Sharma as a candidate. They want to see a local strong unifying person as a consensus candidate to replace Mr. Sharma. The community will not rest and will continue to protest peacefully.

Speaking at the Press Conference, the community concluded that the latest action of MP Sharma with the heavy tactics of the Police is on par with his dead hand at closing down all democratic debate or acceptability. As is the case in the local Labour Party, which has been in special measures for the last 10 years. Despite local members objections both MP Sharma and the Chair of the CLP Dr. O. Sahota continue to trample on the wishes of local members and the community. They have refused to hold any meetings since October 2016.

The mentioned to succeed as local candidates for the Labour Party include Number Ten policy genius and local heavy weight Mr. Inderjeet Singh Nijhar, Local Councilors Rajinder Mann, Mohammed Aslam, Noorie Byaman, P. Kang, D. Choudhury and the researcher for Mr. Sharma, J. Bell, who ironically is also the leader of the Local Council.

These include

For more information: SouthallUnited@yahoo.com

The SKWAWKBOX emphasises that these are allegations and not proven. Mr Sharma could not be reached for comment but efforts continue.

The comments do, however, represent an extreme version of concerns that have reached the SKWAWKBOX from a number of constituencies about the processes used to select a number of candidates against the apparent wishes of local members.

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  1. There is a deep corruption within the right wing of the Labour Party.

    This corruption has most recently been manifest in the right wing’s attempts to rig the leadership contest, to purge members of the party on spurious grounds and to sabotage the Labour Party’s General Election campaign by engaging in a two year campaign to destabilise the Labour Party and its leadership.

    Further evidence of this corruption is the funding of a right wing organisation associated to the party by a billionaire who also funds other political parties, the leaking of sensitive campaign material by Labour’s central office, and of course this latest example of an accomplice of Tom Watson who is misusing his position to deny the rights of Labour Party members.

    This right wing corruption presents an existential threat to the reputation and electability of the party.

    It is a matter of the utmost importance that corrupt individuals within the Labour Party are rooted out by decent and loyal party members.

    As a first step, and as a statement of intent, I propose that motions be submitted by all CLPs at the first opportunity calling for the expulsion from the Labour Party of both Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. The basis for their expulsion is clear, Blair has publicly incited voters to vote for other political parties and Mandelson has openly admitted that he is engaged in a plot to topple the democratically elected leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

    Neither men are fit to be Labour members. Both must be expelled.

  2. Immediate action here or lose not just Southall but faith vote. What happened?

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