Why are women fleeing Theresa May’s office?

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Something odd is going on in Theresa May’s office. Women – and only women – are suddenly jumping ship.

As the Daily Mirror reported, Downing Street press secretary Lizzie Loudon, May’s most senior spin doctor, quit unexpectedly on Friday – just days after May’s communications director Katie Perrior.


loudon perrier
Lizzie Loudon and Katie Perrior

A source has, apparently, told the Financial Times that the mood in number 10 has turned ‘from day to night’.

It’s not known why there is a sudden exodus and why it appears only women are involved. Is there a dispute over the planned direction of the campaign under newly-appointed, all-male team heading the campaign (Lynton Crosby, Mark Textor, Tory Chair Patrick McLoughlin and peer Stephen Gilbert)? Is the dark mood of the office to blame? Is there a more interpersonal reason?

Whatever the truth of the matter, it’s clear that all is neither well nor healthy in Mrs May’s office – and that her ‘control freak’ attempts to stage-manage everything are not succeeding with the very staff she relies on most.

If some of her closest staff are choosing the moment when she most needs them to abandon ship, what does it say about the woman at the very heart of the campaign – Theresa May herself?

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  1. Nothing surprises me with master of the dark arts Crosby in the middle of everything.

  2. Well, two women have left, one of whom had always said she wouldn’t do another election. Working for Cameron is very different to working for May.

  3. There’s an unfortunate grain of truth in the belief that women don’t like working for a female boss. I could give some reasons why but it might be contentious to do so.

  4. May is just the puppet – a bunch of hard right misogynists are in charge of the party

  5. Can’t help but feel that if I was a spin doctor/press officer, I might feel a bit peed by not being told that there was a GE being planned. Ditto members of the Cabinet. Reports are that only the very innermost circle were in the know … hardly collective responsibility. More like a return to the authoritarianism of sofa government.

  6. Hey Skwarkbox,

    Thank you for this post, both an interesting fact and troubling.

    ‘A source has, apparently, told the Financial Times that the mood in number 10 has turned ‘from day to night’. Does Light ever penetrate the darkness at the corrupt heart of our government?

    Namaste 🙂


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