Solid win for McCluskey. Humble pie for for the ‘N Korea’ brigade

In breaking news, Len McCluskey has won by a solid margin in the contest for the Unite General Secretaryship, with a winning margin of 5% in spite of a creditable 13% achieved by the other left-wing candidate Ian Allinson, which would certainly have gone to McCluskey in Allinson’s absence.

Challenger Coyne did better than many had expected, with 41% to McCluskey’s 46%, but with his campaign tainted by admissions of the use of Labour member data whose subjects had not given their permission for its release to the right-wing challenger.

This puts to shame the right-wing conspiracy theorists who were, earlier today, comparing Coyne’s suspension by the union as ‘like North Korea’ and claiming not to know why he was suspended, even though the news of his admitted data breaches had been widely circulated since they were broken by this blog and Evolve Politics – leading to that infamous admission on the BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics when he was challenged by the presenter.

Unite can now get on with its mission and the news is, of course, a huge boost not only for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn but for the vast majority of Labour members who support him.

Congratulations to Mr McCluskey, who fought a ‘high road’ campaign that contrasted sharply with that of his main rival.

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    1. From reports I read it seems as though his nearest & dearest in Labour Party told him it was okay to breach Data Protection Act. Of course he tried to offload the blame on to innocent people. However it was his responsibility to find out whether it was legal or not. He didn’t. With that in mind, what kind of a leader would he have made? Can’t think for himself and can’t acquaint himself with the law of the land? Gee whizz.
      He and all those who aided & abetted him to misuse Data should be exposed and arrested.

  1. If the last few days are a predictor of future behaviour I suspect that BBC will fail to correctly communicate why Mr Coyne was suspended. Can i suggest we check radio and TV news coverage over the next few days and if necessary complain. If sufficient do this perhaps it might help correct future bias – I wish anyway. Lets try: 03700 100 222
    Online: Make a complaint.
    Phone: 03700 100 222* or 03700 100 212* (textphone) *24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers.

    1. Lots of chatter that votes went missing – but McCluskey’s not Coyne’s, even though he’s clinging to it as an excuse now

      1. I hope the counting firm were not the same ones who are already in trouble for votes going walkabout. Peter Lilley’s – former far right Tory MP under Thatcher – outfit is allegedly not complying with the rules. Now there’s a thing aye? Who’d have thought a former Tory MP would run a shifty gaff!!!

  2. The best man won for Unite. Now we can concentrate all our efforts to achieve the same result for Mr Corbyn. #JC4PM.

  3. Well all the money for Coyne did him no good at all. Money which came via Tom Watson, via Max Mosley – son of Fascist Oswald – who lost his F1 Job after being filmed at his S & M Nazi Themed Orgy; Orgy that enacted what Nazis did to Jews during WW2. And of course breaking the Data Protection Act didn’t do him any favours. Despite trying to blame anyone and everyone about being “stitched up” it was his responsibility not to follow advice by others but check it out for himself. You should know a man by the company he keeps. HERE’S TO LEN.

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