May’s election call driven by fear not confidence. Game on – move fast

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This morning Theresa May announced that she will seek a General Election for 8 June.

Don’t believe the hype. The narrative in the media will be that this is a move born out of May’s confidence and Labour’s weakness – and that’s what we’re meant to believe.

May talks a good game – as long as she’s not facing Jeremy Corbyn over the despatch box – and she sought to cast this move, as you’d expect, as one stemming from her confidence in the UK’s ‘economic recovery’ that has supposedly ‘surpassed all expectations’.

She was lying through her teeth – and couldn’t help giving herself away.

For May, a general election now is all about Brexit – and her fear of the disaster the negotiations are going to be.

May implied that Labour was looking to block Brexit like the LibDems, but Jeremy Corbyn’s intelligent handling of the Article 50 votes made that look claim look ridiculous. But in one sentence she gave the game away and revealed her fear – if the game was poker, this would be her ‘tell’:

If we do not hold a General Election now their political gameplaying will continue and the negotiations with the EU will reach their most difficult stage in the run-up to the next scheduled election.

Corbyn’s response, by contrast, was both measured and belligerent – and rather than ‘what if’ rhetoric about Brexit, he highlighted the real, immediate and felt danger a Tory government presents to the people of this country, in terms that anyone can understand.

jc on snap

Theresa May knows the Brexit negotiations are likely to be disastrous for the Tory party. Her Brexit Secretary only last week claimed that he didn’t accept that EU administrative offices should relocate to the EU when Britain leaves the EU:

davis eu offices

Davis has also shown a laughable level of ignorance on various key facts and matters, while EU nations have every reason to ‘play hardball’ and certainly won’t allow the UK all the advantages of membership in some special deal that allows it to escape the costs and obligations.

May fears the consequences for the Tories in a 2020 General Election of Britain’s weak negotiating position and Tory incompetence.

Corbyn, by contrast, appears excited by the prospects for a June election and more than up for the fight:

If Theresa May was as confident as she pretends about the Tories prospects for winning a snap election she’d have called one for May, the usual month, or even last year during her ‘honeymoon period’. Labour’s polling may appear to be terrible, but that’s by design and affected by the selection of respondents and the phrasing of questions – the precise methodology of which is almost never released.

May needs a two-thirds majority in the Commons to get a June election. She’ll get it, because the Labour leadership is unlikely to vote against the bill and let the Tories and their media pets cast it as them leaving the Conservatives in power for another 3 years.

That’s fine. It’s game on and Labour’s leadership showed its nous and intelligent reading of the situation by using the last few days to announce 11 policies that have received widespread public approval.

May has probably scored an own-goal by calling an election just after the local elections, when voter registration drives are already underway and parties are in campaign mode.

The ‘moderate’ trouble-causers in the PLP are also now in a quandary. They’ve spent months and months talking down Labour’s electoral chances in an attempt (again) to unseat their party leader – most no doubt assuming that they had a couple of years to budge him and then try to repair the damage to their own chances of staying on the gravy train.

Now, suddenly, they’re facing the very real prospect of being out on their ears in a couple of months. Do they decide to behave and get in line – or keep agitating and ‘take one for the team’ in the hope of actually losing the election when Corbyn will almost certainly not even consider stepping down unless and until the McDonnell Amendment passes this autumn’s party conference.

The huge pro-Corbyn majority of Labour members also now have a huge and unexpected opportunity. Labour rules make deselection of dire MPs possible only before an election – and now we have one. But time is short so moving fast is essential.

The procedure for deselecting a sitting MP is not simple and it’s not easy. But it can be done. Read this guide for how – and get organised.

Most Labour members and supporters would not have chosen right now for a General Election to be called. But as this morning’s speech made clear, we’re facing an opponent driven by fear and pretending confidence – and decisions made out of fear are often bad and have unintended consequences.

It’s a fight we can win – and must, because as May – a clear and present danger to the people of this country – said this morning,

Every vote for the Conservatives will make me stronger.

may danger

So it’s game on:

  • organise
  • deselect bad MPs where appropriate so your local electorate have someone worth voting for
  • get your friends, family, neighbours to commit to vote and to make sure they’re registered to vote. If not, you/they can do so here.

Then jump in and fight like hell to show this country who the real danger is and where it lies, because it’s not in Corbyn or the Labour Party.

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  1. Dear Skwawkbox Please can you advise how I can get information regarding the reasons why we are not receiving any information where I live regarding the Labour Party. We have council and mayoral elections coming up in the next weeks and now a general election in a couple of months. To date only information from Tories and LibDems has come through out letter box. Absolutely nothing from Labour. How can Labour possibly win if they are not out there communicating with people? I live in Ely in Cambridgeshire.

    Thank you

    Deane Banning CB6 3WQ

    Sent from my iPad


  2. In the case of a snap election, there is no facility for a sitting MP to be deselected. Any CLP who finds themselves in this situation will have to run with their MP no matter how bad.
    Chapter 5 Para D (page 23)
    When there is a formal announcement of a royal
    proclamation to dissolve Parliament before the
    trigger ballot or the constituency selection
    meeting(s) have been held, the provisions of this
    clause (other than this paragraph) shall be
    suspended and the said MP shall be reselected
    as the prospective parliamentary candidate,
    subject to NEC endorsement.

  3. I’m in favour of an early General Election, but 7 weeks is waaaaay too soon. It’s a huge gamble because if the Tories win the election (which seems likely) we’ll have to put up with 3 years of “corporate tax haven Britain” before the next oppurtunity to vote them out in 2022.

    It would be fantastic if Labour forms an electoral alliance with the LibDems, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, and the SNP. But that’s a lot of negotiation in just 7 weeks.

    It would make more sense for the Tories to hold a ratification referendum. This would be a referendum between accepting the final deal, soft Brexit, or no Brexit (using the Alternative Vote). However, this will never happen because it’s far too democratic.

  4. Nothing to do with the CPS and #toryelectionfraud ?
    That would’ve stuffed them and any remaining credibility… and banished the conservatives for a generation.

      1. I think there’s a number of issues about May calling this GE… it could be one, or many?
        One – is the two year old election fraud investigation. They’re probably screwed.
        Secondly – she’s probably hoping that by calling it now, that the Labour Party being split between warmongering, neoliberal, zionists and the softer left, are to indulge in some internecine warfare and tear each other apart.
        That might have the effect of limiting any inroads Labour might make. But with a hostile establishment media, Corbyn won’t get a fair crack of the whip anyway… the talking points will be dictated by the press.
        Thirdly, ‘Brexshit’. Has she the stomach to take on the EU and all that entails?
        Fourth, the ‘CHAOS theory’ (I’ve made this one up!)… economic collapse and war. This is not so far fetched. economic collapses do NOT happen by accident and are rarely ‘black swan’ events.
        They are planned down to the day, hour… (there is evidence to support this).
        It’s well known that western economics is based on a giant debt Ponzi scheme model and resets (recessions) take place on average every 7/8 years.
        We’re currently on year 10, stock markets are overinflated, the FIAT dollar currency flatlining on life support and economic power is going fast from west to east. All of this is pre-planned.
        The BRICS are making a move to backing their currencies with gold, something the west cannot respond to.
        Given BoJo’s comments re: supporting the US in another illegal jaunt to the Middle East, https://www.rt.com/uk/385239-johnson-syria-us-military-support/
        What better way to cover up the incompetence, fraud and robbery of the people, than by multiple simultaneous wars? Syria/Iran/Ukraine and NK/China.
        And when could this happen? Well Parliament is dissolved on 19th May. After that she has 21 days before the election, as sole party ruler.
        Ultimately, she’ll be taking orders from her City masters…
        Cheerful eh?

  5. I was thinking Labour should consider an alliance if needed. Anything to get the murderous Tory bastards out. May has called this GE, yet the Tories are bleeding support, the rape clause is a huge scandal on top of the deaths from the cuts in general. The NHS being destroyed, food banks. Not to mention Tory election fraud.

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