Bristol West crowdfund for Conference delegates

As the SKWAWKBOX has been covering, pro-Corbyn members at increasing numbers of CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have been getting organised to get their delegates selected for Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton, where a number of absolutely crucial left-wing motions need to be carried – and damaging right-wing motions defeated.

bristol west

Bristol West CLP set the ball rolling – at least as far as this blog’s coverage is concerned – by selecting nineteen left-wing delegates. It’s a huge CLP with a huge delegate entitlement.

Each CLP has a vote proportional to its size – and that vote can, in theory, be cast by just one delegate. But that only works if a ‘card vote’ is taken and as we saw last year in Liverpool, the right-wingers are prepared to break Labour’s rules and ignore calls for a card vote to get their measures through, even after repeated and vehement insistence by delegates.

This means that key issues could be decide on a ‘show of hands’ and shows of hands require hands – as many there as possible. So Bristol West has set a lead we all need to follow.

In order not to burden their CLP with delegate costs, the team there have launched a crowdfund. If you can afford to chip in a few pounds in solidarity and support and to ensure low-income delegates aren’t excluded, please do so here.

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