Coyne says Lab DPA breach ‘concluded’. Six days later, emails still going out

Last Sunday, Gerard Coyne admitted breaching the Data Protection Act (DPA) to John Pienaar, live on a national BBC radio broadcast. He didn’t call it that, but it doesn’t change the admission – he claimed his campaign’s use of Labour data had been ‘agreed’ and that it had ‘concluded’.

That was clearly untrue, as emails were going out the next day to Labour members who have never been members of Unite. And the day after that.

coyne stopped amended
Coyne’s interpretation of ‘concluded’ seems a little… unorthodox

But the ongoing breach has still not ended. On Saturday, victims of what a barrister has terms a criminal breach of the Act were receiving this:

coyne 0804

Since he’s sending these reminders to people who aren’t able to vote for him – people whom he cannot lawfully contact – it looks like Gerard Coyne is desperate for votes. Or simply incompetent. Neither is a good look for his campaign.

Could it get any worse? Quite possibly – watch this space.

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  1. I have had 2 emails exactly like this , one on the 30th and another on the 8th . I dont belong to Unite , I am a member of another Union .

  2. This is just further journalistic evidence to support the reality that there is an element within Labour seeking to subvert the democratic and lawful intentions of its 600,000 member, most of which joined for Corbyn.
    Well done Skwawkbox for delivering another piece of the puzzle.

    Now for a shameless, and drunkenly inspired plug of my own blog. Latest post was concocted on alcohol. A lot like the massively increased alcohol spending that takes place in government since Tory rule. Check it out. Although I believe, quite arrogantly I fear, that I have achieved an honesty most, if not all Tories would find unobtainable in any public forum.

    Check it out. More rational posts are available when I am sober. ]
    My take on the DPA breach, Labour, Tories and also merging in my own personal angle, raw and exposed.

  3. 2 more emails received from Coyne this week (now 6 in total) …. this despite writing to Uniote and Labour

  4. This guy (Coyne) is unbelievable. Unite should kick him out! He is not interested in supporting the members, he appears just interested in getting a position and getting rid of Ken to ingratiate himself further with Watson,McNicol and co. He is abusing Unite to follow through on a different agenda owned by others. Disgusting!!!!!!

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