If you want ACTUAL fake news, try the Guardian on Lab MP ‘revolt’ re Livingstone

This blog faced accusations last night of ‘fake news’ for putting up an image with the comment ‘if this is genuine’ – and then retracting it as soon as it was shown not to be. Ho hum, right-wingers getting a bit desperate after their nose was bloodied multiple times in just a few days and showing themselves up in the attempt to undermine the SKWAWKBOX.

As this blog and others have contended, the main source of fake news in the UK is provided by the ‘mainstream media’ (MSM) and, less than 24 hours later, the Guardian provided a perfect example when it published its front page for tomorrow, Thurs 6 April:

guardian liv revolt.png

This is – and is easily shown to be – utterly fake news.

First of all, Jeremy Corbyn has no control over the Labour Party’s disciplinary processes. Whether you despair at the decision of the ‘Disputes Panel’ of the NEC/NCC to only suspend Ken Livingstone for a year instead of expelling him, or think that he is a victim of those who ‘weaponise antisemitism’ – Corbyn was not on the panel and played no role in its decision.

Not only that, but Corbyn promptly issued a statement calling on the NEC to investigate Livingstone again for his comments after the hearing:

corbyn on lstone

Not only that, but Corbyn’s comments won widespread recognition and praise even from many of his right-wing opponents – even the hideous thug John Mann got in on the act:

mann livpowell livcreasey liveagle liv

All of the above are also among the 100 MPs who signed the ‘Not in my Name’ statement the Guardian’s front-page article refers to.

So, the Guardian claims the statement represents a ‘revolt’ against Corbyn – even though it knows he has no responsibility for the panel’s decision and knows he has been praised even by his opponents who also signed the statement.

Could there be a clear example of fake news? Could there be a clearer example of the agenda of the media – even the pretend-left media – to turn everything into Corbyn’s fault even when he has nothing to do with it, even when he is being praised by the self-same people who are supposed to be in revolt against him?

The SKWAWKBOX thinks you’d struggle to find one.

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  1. Are you saying that 100 MPs have *not* condemned the decision of the NCC? I don’t think you are saying that. You’re saying, surely, that the 100 MPs, in addressing their concerns to Corbyn, have misdirected their blame. But how is that the Guardian’s fault?

  2. Ken Livingstone has done nothing wrong. He is NOT antisemitic. He is anti-Zionism, as should all right-thinking people.
    When he was Mayor of London, he frequently said how much he valued the Jewish community in London. He praised them for their valuable contribution to the capital. He said that he was proud to be Mayor of the most multicultural city in the world, and that Jews were an integral part of it.
    Zionists don’t speak for Jews, they believe that Jews are the chosen people whom God had singled-out to be the rulers of the world. They believe this gives them the right to do anything to further that aim.
    The vast majority of Jewish people do believe themselves to be God’s chosen people but do not aspire to take over the world.
    Christians also believe that, through Christ, they are the chosen people. Just take a look at the way that the Christian Church has persecuted Jews as Christ killers, over the past two millennia.
    Ken should not have been suspended and he certainly shouldn’t be expelled.
    Apologies if this is a bit muddled, I have spent so much time defending Ken, on Facebook, etc, that my head is hurting.
    Why can’t people see that all this is a deliberate ploy to muddy the waters for the LP, just as Mr Corbyn was launching his campaign fot the local elections.
    Now can we please return to fighting against our REAL enemies – the Tories?

  3. Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy, this is crunch time. On behalf of hundreds of thousands of your supporters, please do not throw Ken Livingstone under the bus. You cannot concede one mm to the Zionists otherwise they will be back for more. Ken Livingstone has NOT insulted the Jewish community, he has made statements which Zionists, whether they be Jewish or non-Jewish, choose to characterise as insulting. That is their problem not yours. Because in the past you have rightly chosen to speak out in support of the atrocious actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians, Zionists regard you as their enemy and they will not relent until they have destroyed you. You must NOT under any circumstances give in to their demands. We know you have the integrity now please find the resolve and we will support you. You must face up to this issue once and for all and expose the Zionists within the party as being a tool of the Israeli State and against the interests of British people.

    Open Letter to Ken Livingstone

    Ken, you are one of the few people who have the courage to speak up against the damage that the Zionists within the Labour Party are doing to the Party and the country.. You have done your best to fight within the system but because of the overwhelming influence of Zionist infiltration in the Labour Party the odds are now against you.

    Because you have been suspended by those whose authority and motives you challenge, the best course of action would be for you to make a tactical resignation from the Labour Party and fight from a position where you cannot be touched or sanctioned.

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