Labour NW: we did not block pro-RMT/rail safety motion

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Last week the SKWAWKBOX featured an incident in a Merseyside CLP in which the Chair advised that a motion – in favour of guards on rail services locally and nationally for safety reasons – could not be discussed because Labour’s NW regional HQ had advised that it was against Labour policy.

Labour’s regional director has sent the following email in response to a query about the issue:

From: Anna Hutchinson
Date: 3 April 2017 at 11:35:37 BST
To: [redacted]
Cc: Iain McNicol <iain_mcnicol@labour.org.uk>

Subject: RE: Merseyrail

Hi all

It’s absolutely not the case that CLPs are being prevented from discussing this motion. As I understand it, a motion was passed by Liverpool, Walton [Metro Mayor candidate Steve Rotheram’s constituency].

There is one CLP where there was a discussion with the Regional Office about the handling of a motion due to us being in the midst of an election campaign. I understand that the CLP decided to hold a debate on the issue.

Both I, and Steve’s campaign team are aware of this issue and that it could be damaging and so I’m grateful for the heads up.


The SKWAWKBOX is delighted to correct this misapprehension, as the facts reported were correct but it did not ‘feel’ right that Labour would issue such an instruction.

However, it seems likely there will be some intense discussions at the CLP in question as a result of the apparent misinformation communicated to it.

The SKWAWKBOX encourages everyone on Merseyside to vote for Steve Rotheram as Metro Mayor and to support his campaign 100%.

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  2. Misinformation indeed.

    Feeling we may soon move to a vote of no confidence in the chair.

    Looking forward to the minutes of the meeting

  3. Well, well. Just had an email from said CLP. Not an answer to my questions but a general letter about the tone of the meetings. I doubt I will see anything. Hope others have better luck.

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