Poor Progress’ Richard Angell struggles to keep up – or to show any class

Poor Richard Angell of Progress struggles to keep up, sometimes, bless him.

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Richard Angell

After Labour members yesterday condemned in great numbers the contemptible attempt by various narcissist Labour MPs to bully Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon for a perfectly innocuous tweet about an encounter with a couple of his constituents in a supermarket, most people knew well enough that it would be a significant faux pas to join in even if they’re so foolish as to hate the estimable Mr Burgon.

Not the inaptly-named Mr Angell.

This morning, he decided it would be a good idea to jump in with his own attempt at ‘humour’, with an attempted put-down of Richard B – for being related to someone.

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Richard Burgon’s uncle Colin is a former MP. Apparently he opened Seacroft Tesco. With Tony Blair. If you’re yawning yet and thinking ‘so what?’, we sympathise entirely. This is what passes for humour in Blairite circles, apparently.

You can’t help who your relatives are, so attacking someone over their family is low. Tony Benn was a Lord until he renounced it. His son Hilary isn’t and all too sadly his dad’s qualities as a Labour hero are strikingly absent from his progeny. The existence and employment history of his uncle aren’t Richard Burgon’s doing or responsibility.

Richard Angell’s family history is not of interest to this blog. They might be lovely people. Even if they’re all obnoxious dicks with an enormous sense of entitlement, that wouldn’t say anything about him or make him one.

That’s all his own work.

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  1. One of the central themes of the next General Election will be the corruption of our democracy and parties by big money interests.

    The Progress Organisation is funded by billionaires, hedge funds and big pharma. Right wing Labour MPs are closely associated with this organisation. Many previous Labour MPs associated with this pro-privatisation organisation have implemented policies such as PFI and, upon leaving office, were financially rewarded by the very same companies who have profited from those policies.

    That is called corruption.

    As the Labour Party is now the largest party in Europe and has been able, thanks to Jeremy Corbyn tripling the membership, to not only pay off Labour’s longstanding debts but also has ample funds for the next General Election campaign, there is no need for the party to compromise its integrity by being in hoc to rich donors.

    That is a key difference between Labour and other political parties. The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Ukip are all in the pockets of the donor class. As a mass membership party, Labour can avoid being corrupted by corporate interests.

    Labour MPs’ association with the Progress Organisation leaves the Labour Party open to possible charges of corruption, which would, if proven, bring the party into disrepute.

    This is an unnecessary and completely avoidable risk.

    Labour MPs will have to dissociate themselves from the Progress Organisation to prevent the Labour Party from being tainted by the same charges of corruption which are being levelled at the other political parties.

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