Exclusive: Coyne/Labour DPA breach involves multiple databases

The SKWAWKBOX reported evidence on Friday proving that at least some of the emails Gerard Coyne’s campaign for the Unite leadership has been sending to non-Unite members are being sent to email addresses taken from the contact database generated by Owen Smith’s ill-timed and ill-fated challenge for the Labour leadership last year.

labour dpa.png

‘At least some’ is now the key phrase. This blog has received reports from various Labour members – who have never been in Unite, nor signed up for any emails from the union or from Gerard Coyne – advising that they also never signed up for any emails from the Smith campaign.

These reports are from members across a national spread of geographies, so not merely from the campaign of, say, Birmingham mayoral candidate Sion Simon, who has already been reported in the mainstream as having a ‘mutual support’ pact with Coyne but who would only have access to local member data.

This means that data has been leaked to the Coyne campaign from more than one Labour database, with national reach – exacerbating still further the evident DPA (Data Protection Act) breach committed by someone at the Labour Party and someone in Coyne’s campaign team.

Now, who would be sufficiently senior in Labour’s leadership and/or in Labour’s staff to have access to multiple, national contact databases – and would want to help Coyne’s campaign that clearly aims to damage Jeremy Corbyn?

Not that long a list.

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  1. Now, who would be sufficiently senior in Labour’s leadership and/or in Labour’s staff to have access to multiple, national contact databases – and would want to help Coyne’s campaign that clearly aims to damage Jeremy Corbyn?

    In view of the name of the most obvious culprit I borrow the famous bogus Holmes quote “elementary, my dear Watson”.

  2. I am a member of Unite and received an email from Coyne on the same day that Tom Watson dropped his non-story about Momentum​ and Unite in the press. Coincidence? Not really, as the email asked me if I wanted to JOIN unite in order to support Coyne! I live in London, am a LP member and actively supported both of Jeremy C’s leadership bids. However I am in a right wing CLP which backed Owen Smith. Could that be the connection? Said I was backing Len and have heard nothing more.

    1. The date for joining and being able to vote passed ages ago – yet another facet of their incompetence as well as lack of integrity.

    2. The only surprise about this story is that some people seem to be surprised by it. Following past underhand activities by the various right wing mobs in the Labour movement no one should be surprised at any dirty trick they pull. The right wing plotters have a lot to lose and they will continue fighting like ferrets in a sack to protect what they believe they are entitled to, money, power and influence.

  3. I also received several emails from Owen Smith last year sasking me to support him. Was a bit surprised and wondered how he been given my details

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