Lab Right’s declaration of war means gloves off for #deselection

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A woeful article by George Eaton in the now-LibDem New Statesman contains an extraordinary – and extraordinarily ill-advised – admission by a right-wing Labour MP.

George Eaton’s attack piece, which should be given no more credence for its conclusions about Jeremy Corbyn than any other hostile publication, tries to assume its conclusion that the Labour leader has to go – but that’s just ‘business as usual’ from hostile media. (It won’t be linked from this blog as we have no wish to drive traffic to a poor site, but you’ll find it easily enough if you’re so inclined, by searching for Eaton’s name and “Jeremy knows”.)

Of far greater significance, though, is that reckless admission:


This amounts to a declaration of war by a Labour Right that has become increasingly desperate recently – which probably explains the recklessness.

Right-wing Labour MPs and their supporters have bleated incessantly about the supposed ‘unfairness’ of Labour members deselecting their MP ever since Corbyn’s candidacy marked the start of the ‘Corbyn surge’ in membership, right up to now. Here are just a few of the many examples:


the knife-wielders like Lansman clearly do want to organise them and use them against us. (anonymous Labour MP)

There will be a large group I would hope in Parliament of MPs who will, if colleagues are unfairly treated, encourage their colleagues to stand in by-elections, to stand as independent candidates and a large number of us including myself, would go and actually campaign for them. (Frank Field MP)

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But by breaking cover on their own plans to seize control of the party by expelling those in their way, the ‘moderates’ (that most laughable of terms) have essentially declared a ‘fight to the death‘.

They have no more excuse for nonsensical claims of ‘bullying’ or unfairness, no more grounds for ridiculous appeals for sympathy as if they’re the innocents who are being picked on by the nasty left-wing majority of members.

Nor do Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and their supporters need to ‘pussyfoot’ around the issue, as if it’s something toxic, rather than simple democracy. On the contrary, there is no room for Chamberlain-like hopes of peace when the enemy is gearing up for war.

Instead, Corbyn and his allies need to bring out the whetstones for a Labour ‘night of the long knives’ to remove the worst of the saboteurs and bring a sharp end to their ‘war of attrition’.

If – if – the word of this declaration of open war gets out into the public consciousness, then the blairites have signed their own banishment order. If they’re prepared to ‘do to others’, they can have no complaint when the more numerous ‘others‘ do to them.

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    The HardBitteriiites Machiavellian tactics won’t work

    My Labour Party will NOT go back to Austerity-lite Labour


  2. I would suggest that a non Cirbynista wing of the Labour Party is blue labour,and blue labour is anything but liberal, so George Ratins article that he wants someone to speak for liberals, goes against the idea that those opposing Corbyn are all liberals, in fact the article is more Jermey is a Libera he just not a very good leader, they want more of his policies, just sold better

  3. frank fields a traitor always a traitor untuouchable beause of support from the roman catholic church

  4. This gives a flavour of the man’s writing and politics, from his own blog:
    George Eaton;
    Mandelson’s Return: Brownites against Brown?
    Amid the forest of pages dedicated to Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson’s rapprochement few have asked exactly how cordial relations will be between Mandelson and Brown’s hitmen.
    Charlie Whelan, Brown’s pugnacious former press spokesman, has recently been flexing his muscles again as political director of super-union Unite. Immediately after Brown’s conference speech, Whelan could be found swaggering around telling anyone within earshot that the Prime Minister’s ‘novice’ line was aimed directly at David Miliband. Prior to this, it’s widely thought that Whelan ordered Derek Simpson’s blast against the “smug” and “arrogant” Miliband. Whelan’s stock has risen once more as Labour has become ever more reliant on the funds of trade unions in general, and on those of Unite’s two million members in particular.
    It’s worth recalling therefore that it was an incredulous Whelan who in 2004, writing on Mandelson in the New Statesman, declared, “Can you believe, then, that some hacks are suggesting the twice-disgraced ex-minister will make a third comeback?”
    Well, now he has, and it’s likely Whelan is infuriated by the return of a figure he perennially dubbed ‘Trousers’, at the hands of the man whose cause he has championed for over fifteen years. Nor is Whelan’s the only Brownite nose put out of joint by Mandelson’s appointment.

    A dyed in the wool Tory, sorry Blairite.

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