NEC member: Labour not underfunding Corbyn’s office

Pro-Corbyn NEC member Christine Shawcroft has issued a statement on Facebook regarding rumours that the Labour party is underfunding Corbyn’s office so that he is forced to run with an incomplete staff:

shawcroft funding.png

Ms Shawcroft is well placed to know, is highly regarded and has no reason to mislead. Absent any further evidence, it appears that the sources who are convinced of the underfunding – and they are numerous, including HQ staff and leading union officials – are under a misapprehension, albeit a sincere one.

If so, then the SKWAWKBOX is delighted that Corbyn is able to operate with a full complement of staff and is happy to put the record straight.

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  1. Good correction. It is an damning indictment of the total breakdown in trust between the NEC and party officials, and Corbyn and his team that these allegations were sincerely held to be true. I think that’s a point the NEC should contemplate on. When are they going to start behaving as a team we can trust?

  2. You have been honest in not only admitting now that the central allegation was mistaken but in earlier conceding that some of the evidence cited in the original article did not stand up to scrutiny. Naturally, I’m not on your wing of Left politics but I readily acknowledge your good faith in this matter.

    1. The sources were very good – and very numerous. It appears they were mistaken – perhaps all believing a common source. Nobody’s right all the time.

  3. As above some good news at last. Thanks for asking the question and for issuing the correction.

    Thanks for Christine Shawcroft for setting the record straight.

    Your original article only highlights the suspicion created and the undermining effect of the purges, suspensions and blocking of membership applications combined with the attempt to gerrymander the 2nd leadership contest by a person or persons unknown.

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