Can you spare a pound or two to help this fantastic campaigner in need?

Most SKWAWKBOX followers will know @Rachael_Swindon as a fantastic blogger, campaigner and creator of some of the hardest-hitting, highest-quality political memes you’ll find.

What you might not know is that she’s a full-time mother and carer for a disabled husband, who manages on even less sleep than I do to somehow do what she does to raise awareness of the evils of this government and who has been scraping by without benefits for months because of a government error.


She didn’t ask me to write this, in fact I had to twist her arm to let me when I found out that she was facing an unexpected and unavoidable financial emergency. I’ve helped directly as much as I can afford to but – as was demonstrated when all you lovely people helped me – I have fantastically kind and generous followers.

I’m looking for as many people as possible to chip in a pound or two, to meet a vital need – you won’t find a more deserving recipient.

Her blog is here – please click through and use the donate button you’ll see on the left-hand side. No amount is too small and your help will be vital. Thank you.


  1. Hey there…after your appeal…..made a donation for Rachel to carry on her outstanding work but the Paypal page gave the email address as:


    Please confirm that Rachel Cousins is Rachel Swindon and that my donation went to the correct recipient. Cheers. Rob


  2. Would it be possible to send money through post? Don’t like using bank details.

  3. Folks-the link on Rachel’s blog page works perfectly, even if the one here might not be, so you can safely donate by going to her blog first-I just did!

  4. Sorry it couldn’t be more. ESA won’t stretch too far. Good luck Racheal X

  5. Just made a donation to Rachael. Thanks for your hard work – it’s very necessary in this day and age – also good luck.

  6. made donation via pay pal had nothing but trouble with them.did she get it

  7. by the way it was the 19th when i donated will do again if needed going thru a similar thing myself. she deserves every penny for the info she provides

  8. can you please let me know if rachael got my donation so i can get onto pay pal

  9. When I am less financially impaired I will help. Lost all my benefits for trying to support things

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