@Tom_Watson: will you publish what you’ve spent Mosley’s £500k on?

The word among Labour activists is that there has been a sudden, massive upturn in the number of bots and fake accounts swamping pro-Corbyn threads on social media – often along the lines of ‘I used to support Corbyn but…‘ – ever since Max Mosley’s latest couple of hundred grand donation last month to deputy Labour leader and ‘Project Anaconda’ architect Tom Watson.

watson qmark.png

That brings Mosley’s donations to Watson to a tidy £500,000 so far. And fake accounts, with the people/technology to fuel them, cost money.

Of course, correlation is not causation. The two things definitely correlate, but they might be completely unconnected. But this blog would like to invite Tom Watson to publish a complete account of his and his team’s spending since receiving those donations, so we can all see how he has spent/is spending Mosley’s money.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, Tom – so if you’re spending the money on things that the majority of the members of your party would approve of, I can’t think of any good reason not to disclose the information.

So, what about it? If you decline, we can only assume there’s a reason for that and you feel there’s something that needs hiding.

What about it, Tom? Will you be transparent and accountable to Labour members?

(Tom Watson has blocked the SKWAWKBOX, so please make sure he sees this.)

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  1. Just been talking to a friend who is also for Corbyn. We have both found a number of FB pages set up with pro Corbyn names are actually the personal fiefdoms of full time rabidly anti Corbyn whingers. There are also half a dozen so-called “individuals” suspected again of being the work of full time paid shills. I would suggest the antidote to these is in Chelly Ryan’s post today :

    1. Hello Florence. I’ve found the same FB pages. Unfortunately, your Word Press link won’t come live for me. Don’t worry, I’ve got her name and if I search for her on Word Press. Thanks for posting.

      1. Hi sorry about the link I’ve put the right one up now 🙂

  2. Fat Tom probably ate most of it. But he ain’t going to come clean. Son of a Fascist who dresses in Nazi uniform and cavorts with hookers. I know what that says about who’s opposing Jeremy Sent from my Vodafone Smart

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