Tory 100mph ban rumour MP – no ‘own car’ expense claims for over 6 months

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Tory MP for Pendle – the constituency at the heart of bullying, intimidation and impersonation allegations against Tory councillors and activists – is believed by locals to have received a driving ban for an alleged 100mph speeding offence.

And that the mainstream media appear to be ignoring or even hiding it.


Mr Stephenson has been prominent locally on the topic of road safety and was the Tories’ campaign manager in the Copeland by-election, so if true the ban will be doubly embarrassing both for him personally and for his party.

As well as rumours of the ban, residents assert that Mr Stephenson has not been seen driving in months but is regularly seen being chauffered.

Now, new evidence has emerged that appears to increase the likelihood that the ban claims are factual – and it concerns his expense claims.

MPs’ expense claims are published by IPSA, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. Here is the section showing Mr Stephenson’s ‘own car’ mileage claim for the current financial year:

stephenson ipsa.png

Stephenson’s ‘own car’ claims cease abruptly at the end of August – and it looks unlikely that this is because his expense claims are not up to date, because other elements of his expenses show significantly later entries – and for the rest of the financial year, his claims are almost daily.

The SKWAWKBOX calls on the MP and the Conservative party to confirm whether a driving ban has been imposed and the specifics of the offence, as the issue is unquestionably a matter of public interest.

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  1. I wouldn’t hold THAT against him, just everything else Sent from my Vodafone Smart

  2. Agreed Peter, except that a ban is merely a slight inconvenience when taxis are a “free” alternative. Unlike for the rest of us….

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