#Progressweasels’ ‘next left leader’ article DOESN’T show they’re ‘snobs’. Just scum.

There’s much outrage today on social media over an article on the website of the hard-right Progress faction, by a self-confessed ‘spin-doctor’, that attacks possible future left-wing Labour leadership candidates, for its snobby, sneering attitude toward northern – and particularly female – MPs. Which is true, it’s vile.

But if you read the article carefully, it does not show its author to be a snob – just a hideous excuse for a human being.

Paul Richards

Sure, the writer scoffs at the excellent Becky Long-Bailey’s ‘sociology degree from Manchester Polytechnic‘ and Angela Rayner’s council-estate origins and departure from school without qualifications – but it’s really just naked opportunism: whatever the sleaze thinks he can use to attack a potential future leader that the Blairites wouldn’t like is used without a moment’s concern for humanity, let alone integrity.

The article is pathetic, so rather than quote longer sections here are the originator’s (can’t quite bring myself to say ‘author’) points in a summary that only slightly parodies the loathsome original:

Richard Burgon: too posh and well-connected

Angela Rayner: too common, bit thick, damned by faint praise and maybe a conflicted closet Blairite

Rebecca Long-Bailey: too common, low-rent education

Clive Lewis: mentally unstable (but couched in pseudo-admiration), untrustworthy

John McDonnell: too old, friend of terrorists

Doesn’t matter what your background or your strengths, if you support Corbyn, it will be used against you – your background, your education, your age. Even, contemptibly, your mental health.

The one thing I wouldn’t call Paul Richards is a snob. He’s way lower than that and far less principled. No, I’d choose another four-letter word starting with an ‘S’:


You might think of others.

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  1. Sounds like the perpetrator of the piece you mentioned (I agree author is far too polite a term in this context) is in the wrong party – with attitudes like that he would be a good fit with the Conservatives – or even UKIP.

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