Are media hiding speed-campaigning Tory MP’s 100mph speeding conviction?

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX covered the dire events in Pendle, where a campaign of intimidation – and even impersonation – by some Tories to take over the local council has local political activists terrified.

Information received from residents indicates that Pendle Tories may be hiding another secret – a 100mph speeding conviction incurred by Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson, who is apparently now being driven everywhere and has not been seen driving himself for some time.


This would be embarrassing enough for Mr Stephenson and for the government in any circumstances – but even more so as the MP has been something of a campaigner on speeding and road safety, as these two extracts from local newspapers show:

stephenson speed 2


stephenson speed

So it’s easy to imagine why both Stephenson and the government would wish to keep it out of the news – but it raises a serious question about the competence and integrity of the mainstream news media if they are either unaware, or aware and ignoring it.

This issue also links to concerns over the Copeland by-election result as Mr Stephenson was the Tories’ campaign manager in Copeland and, presumably, would not have been if news of a speeding conviction had become public.

If you have information that can confirm or refute the information from the SKWAWKBOX’s local sources, please indicate it in the comments of this blog and the writer will be in touch for details.

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  1. A couple of points: I am a news editor on a radio station close to Andrew Stephenson’s constituency. I have checked court lists thoroughly, and have asked him personally. He has repudiated the claims completely, and I have found NO trace whatsoever in court lists. While I do not support ANY political party, only individual who show they genuinely have the interests of their electorate at heart, I resent the implication that we would “hide” such a conviction. If the allegations WERE true, it would be news dynamite – quite definitely “top story” material.

  2. He would be sent to a court outside the Burnley area, eg lancaster or manchester due to him being well known.

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