#Tories will cut income for everyone in #Budget2017 – except huge corporations

The Tories love to repeat their Goebbelsian Big Lie that money is short – but they will always find cash for what matters to them.

And what matters to them is clearly not the ‘just about managing’ (‘JAMs) or the ‘not managing at all’.

£billions for vanity rail projects – check
£hundreds of billions for nuclear phallic symbols we don’t need – check
£billions for tax cuts to the richest individuals and corporations – check
£££££ to bribe Tory councils to keep quiet about your idiocy – check (but lie about it)

Save the NHS- no (and only half of the inadequate amount they claim they’re putting in)
Support for disabled people – cut
Support for parents – cut
Jobs and wages for public employees that goes straight back into the economy – cut
Money for fire engines – cut
Money for schools – cut

You get the picture. Here’s another picture – one that shows the cuts that the Tories have already pre-announced from Philip Hammond’s Big Lie Budget. Very Bad News for everyone except those rich corporations again:

budget trailed

Funny how there’s no cash for the ‘hard-working JAMs’ the Tories love to say they’re on the side of, or for the disabled any civilised society would bust a gut to support, for our young people and our children.

But if you’re a Tory politician, there’s always money for a tax-cut. You have to wonder why they bother, when companies and rich people like the Chancellor pay so little into the pot that they’re scared to show what it is anyway.

And if this is what they’re giving away in advance, the full thing is going to be a nightmare – with the odd money-shuffling ‘not-really-giveaway’ thrown in so they can pretend ‘we’re all in it together’.

Tory ‘economic competence’ is a Big, Fat Lie – just like the oxymoronic ‘compassionate conservatism’ and the ‘one nation’ bull-cack.

Be very afraid – but when your ‘fight or flight’ reflex kicks in, choose fight.

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  1. Your headline’s incorrect. My income won’t be cut next year (according to BBC calculator) and I’m anything but a huge corporation.

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