Read this to see whether YOU’ve been #hammeredbyHammond #Budget2017

Multimillionaire Chancellor Philip Hammond today announced his budget measures that contain huge incentives for business and huge penalties for ordinary people, as he wilfully continues the Tories failed austerity strategy of trying (not really, it’s just an excuse) to balance the books on the backs of those who can least afford it.

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As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pointed out, the budget contained none of the measures that would stimulate real growth. Instead, Hammond settled for crowing about how well the Tories are doing when in fact they’ve more than doubled the debt and created a low-wage, low-growth, low-hope economy for all but the richest.

If you’re not one of those lucky few, the odds are that you’ve been #hammeredbyHammond. See below for just some of the ways the budget is likely to have affected you:

Workers’ benefits – 900,000 people #hammeredbyHammond

The Tories love the ‘striver v skiver’ rhetoric implicit in their droning about ‘hardworking families’ – but they’re all mouth and no action. The vast majority of benefits (outside of pensions) go to working people – and in-work benefits have been frozen for three years.

ESA cut by 25% – 450,000 disabled people #hammeredbyHammond

Employment Support Allowance, a key benefit for disabled people has been slashed by the Chancellor, hitting some of the most vulnerable people – a pattern repeated again and again since the Tories entered Downing Street.

Housing benefit axed for 18-21yos – millions #hammeredbyHammond

If you’re 18-21 years old and hoping to move out and start an independent life – tough, as far as Phil and the Tories are concerned. You’re stuck living with your parents – if you’re lucky enough to have parents and they can put you up. No wonder young people now are the first generation in living memory to be worse off than their parents, especially with house prices inflated by other Tory policies to enhance their pals’ wealth.

Tax credits for 3rd children – 900,000 families #hammeredbyHammond

If you have more than two children, Phil says you’re on your own. Even though our population is ageing and we need a higher birth rate. Combined with cuts to in-work benefits, this places a huge burden on families.

This hideous measure will even affect women who have a 3rd child as a result of rape – unless they jump through humiliating ‘hoops’ to persuade authorities it wasn’t by choice.

£2 BILLION cut from child tax credits – 4 MILLION people #hammeredbyHammond

No wonder at least half a million children are living in poverty. Well played, Millionaire Phil.

£100m for the NHS – a drop in the bucket = all of us #hammeredbyHammond

Hammond ‘pledged’ £100 million for NHS A&E departments – not even a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of pounds of social care cuts that are causing our A&Es to collapse under the strain, let alone the billions  extra needed by our NHS overall.

If you or someone you love needs hospital treatment – emergency or otherwise – that’s you ‘hammered’.

These are just some of the measures that will hammer ordinary people already worn down by years of needless austerity – and don’t forget, Filthy (rich) Phil did all this while finding money to cut tax on company profits – for the 7th year in a row. No prizes for guessing who and what he really cares about.

If you’re reading this, it’s almost certain you have been hammered by Hammond – you and those you care about. The Establishment Media will be spinning Hammond’s rip-off budget like crazy to tell us all it’s good, great, healthy and wonderful and the Tories are playing a blinder.

How long until this country wakes up and realises the enormous con-trick being played on it?

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