Here’s what Harry Cole said about his Corbyn-bashing ‘tax expert’ when they DISagreed

The ‘journalist’ Harry Cole was this evening in the Sun Scum, still desperately trying to push the idea that Corbyn has something to answer for with regard to his perfectly transparent and fully-explained tax return.

To try to bolster his argument, he relied on an opinion by ‘tax expert’ Jolyon Maugham:

cole maugham scum

whom he also referred to as a ‘top QC’. Mr Maugham is, indeed, a well-known lawyer – and an avowed opponent of Jeremy Corbyn.

But Mr Cole has not always written for the Scum. Before he took the Murdoch shilling, he wrote for the ultra-Tory Guido Fawkes site that was probably a good apprenticeship for his current position.

Mr Cole also mentioned Mr Maugham during his Fawkes tenure – except that, as they then disagreed about something, Cole’s description of the QC was somewhat different:

guido coles maugham

In that article, which I won’t link to but you can find easily enough if you have the stomach for it, Cole mocked descriptions of Mr Maugham as a ‘tax expert’ and gloated over the apparent fact that:

other independent experts have taken him to task on Twitter for a basic error

Leaving aside any questions about Mr Maugham’s objectivity when it comes to Corbyn, given his well-known aversion to the Labour leader, it’s clear that Harry Cole is more than happy to accept and emphasise someone’s ‘expertise’ when it supports something he wants to claim – and to rubbish it when it doesn’t.

What that says about the value of his article and his opinion, I’ll let you decide.

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