Can you help the SKWAWKBOX replace dying equipment?

As the author of the SKWAWKBOX, I work my laptop hard with research and writing. My laptop, which is a number of years old, has been showing the strain for some time now and has developed a hardware fault which is going to be terminal and uneconomical (and, given the usual output of several articles a day, impractical) to repair.

dead laptop.png

I’ll be buying a replacement in the next day or two before this one gives up the ghost completely, but it’s come at a bad time, with a number of other unscheduled expenses. If any readers are able to chip in a little, it will be hugely appreciated.

If so, please click here. If not, thanks for reading anyway. Either way, please share this article.

Thanks for your help.

12 responses to “Can you help the SKWAWKBOX replace dying equipment?

  1. I have shared this article. Unfortunately as someone who works 18 hours per week in a minimum wage job I have no money to give.

  2. I think the work you do is invaluable. Sent you a small donation hope it helps. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. I don’t have a lot of money but have donated a little bit. If I had a lot more I would buy you a new laptop as I love your articles. x

  4. I like the idea of many fivers funding the fight against opponents of a democratic Labour party and a fair society and especially via this consistently excellent website.

  5. Hope this reaches you ok – I read most of your email reports avidly and really appreciate the research and hard work. I too have old computer issues, and would like to help. I will ask my local union group for a small donation but will need an address or paypal email to send anything, as wordpress have now blocked my IP address.

    Hope you are well! Ashleigh

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