#CliveLewis: Guardian got it wrong, the right is attacking me, not the left

The SKWAWKBOX has talked to Labour MP Clive Lewis this afternoon, who has asked for help correcting a false impression created by the media about his opinion regarding the source of the fake websites set up in his name last June.

This blog’s article in the early hours of this morning stated, based on a Guardian article about the sites, that Mr Lewis thought the left was responsible for the attempt to smear him. Clive wishes to clarify that the Guardian’s claim resulted from a misunderstanding by the newspaper, which they subsequently corrected at his request (and fair play to them for that).

He went on to elaborate that he firmly believes Labour’s right-wing faction are firmly at the centre of the ‘false flag’ move, pointing the finger at a journalist deeply involved in the ‘scandal’ that he says is a ‘go to journalist’ for the incongruously-named ‘moderates’.

This would fit perfectly with the involvement of figures like well-known right-winger Mike Gapes in the attempt to create a mainstream and social media furore.


Gapes, a pro-Saving Labour stooge, was one of the ‘first out of the blocks’ to spread word of the false accusations on Twitter:

gapes lewis.png


It seems beyond question that this is a contemptible attempt by Labour’s ‘red Tory’ faction to both damage Lewis and undermine Corbyn, so this blog is happy to help Clive Lewis correct the impression that he has ever thought the party’s Left was out to smear him.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying that, it is disturbing that American style misinformation is being used by right wingers in Labour.

    We really do have to start investigating these people and bring legal charges against them.

    They are determined to carry on regardless of bringing the party into disrepute.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better if Swawkbox spent it’s time and energy fighting the Tories than other Labour members.

    Sick of seeing your attacks on members who don’t agree with Corbyn and it doesn’t present an appealing view of Labour.

    Geoff Mapp

    1. That *is* ‘fighting the Tories’. The faux-Labour right-wingers are hobbling the party – so you have to deal with that or you’ll never fight externally effectively. And anyone’s free to ‘not agree with Corbyn’. But if they undermine the party and its prospects, they’ll be outed here.

    2. It would appear that you ignore the fact that those coming under fire, are those that have been conducting campaigns against ordinary members of the party and smearing MPs loyal to Jeremy Corbyn.

      I care very much about that and welcome every occasion where these unscrupulous people are outed.

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