See #BBCQT’s #Dimbleby announce #Labour hold #Copeland by-election

Sunday evening’s two articles on the apparent unlawfulness and odd practice of the Copeland by-election have sparked huge discussions on social media. Some people are adamant that they heard BBC Question Time host David Dimbleby announce that Labour had held the Copeland seat, while others are doubting it.

Below is a link to the full video on BBC iPlayer, which says it will be available for the next 11 months:

BBC Question Time 23/2/2017 (watch from 25m20s)

We also actually hear that Copeland has been held by Labour, the Tories haven’t taken Copeland [sudden hand gesture].. this is purely surmise at this moment, people at the count looking at people’s faces, I suspect.


Dimbleby’s phrasing is certainly noteworthy. ‘We also actually hear that Copeland has been held by Labour, the Tories haven’t held it‘. This is followed by a flick of the eyes to his left – hearing something in his earpiece? – and then he says ‘this is purely surmise at this moment, which is in direct contradiction to the certainty of the initial pronouncement’.

There’s no doubt at all that Dimbleby at first does make the emphatic statement people have referred to. Is the sudden change because he’s suddenly told that it’s just speculation – or because he’s been told to roll back on what he’s just blurted out?

Watch for yourself and decide – but as you watch, ask yourself why someone would be telling him in his earpiece something that’s ‘pure surmise’ with no substance to it, when he’s live on air and needs to concentrate.

Is this conclusive? Not of anything beyond the fact of the pronouncement – but it certainly does nothing to lessen the increasing doubts about the validity, lawfulness and honesty of the result in Copeland.

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  1. He most certainly did say labour held Copeland and at the end of the programme then said results in the early hours , note worthy also is that the Tories boundary changes have now added 3 Tory ward’s , if the people of copeland are hoping for a sweetheart deal like the one done in Surrey it won’t happen , let’s not forget the NHS around that area is in crisis , when the residents have to go 40+ miles to the nearest hospital that so called sweetheart deal will have a sour taste to it , the nuclear plant there is an ideal fit for the Chinese .

  2. Copeland is a constituency in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament created in 1983.[n 1][n 2] The seat has been represented by Trudy Harrison of the Conservative Party since the February 2017 by-election.
    From Wikipedia ( needs verifying)

  3. He did say this and a little later tried to brush it aside by saying that he was just trying to get a reaction from the audience.
    Very iffy indeed.

  4. PR man and nuclear turd polisher Jamie Reed will have his work cut out if there’s ever a Fukushima style crisis at Sellafield. He’ll be regretting the day he dumped on his constituents when he realises that freshly dropped, steaming, glowing, radioactive “cowpats” are not so easily transformed into objects of desire.

  5. When did conspiracy theories ever work well for the left. Fear and suspicion feed the right. Ffs

  6. Question Time is recorded from 20:30. There was no way any meaningful result could have been in by the time he said it (certainly not from the two rural wards and not from Keswick (all were probably the most likely to vote for Tories)).

  7. This is even better than electoral fraud by unspecified breaches of unspecified legislation based on an incorrect graphic. We now have electoral fraud by “flick of the eyes”. You couldn’t really make it up – except someone has!

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