#UKIP’s only MP confirms #Nuttall’s ‘#StokeCentral #UKIPfraud’

Yesterday analysis by the SKWAWKBOX revealed that former leader Nigel Farage and current leader Paul Nuttall had both, inadvertently, pointed the finger at themselves and their party concerning huge fraud allegations in which they and UKIP are implicated.

Now Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s only MP, has – also inadvertently – provided confirmation that personnel who are being paid from EU funds as assistants to MEPs and should therefore be exclusively involved in EU-related work are being used for party political purposes.

carswell os.png

Namely, campaigning for Mr Nuttall in the Stoke Central by-election for the constituency’s seat in the UK Parliament.

Nigel Farage’s petulant spat over Nuttall’s campaign manager Lisa Duffy had highlighted the fact that Ms Duffy, although employed full-time as a ‘local assistant’ to UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn, was spending her time trying to get her party leader elected to Parliament.

Yesterday, 15 Feb 2017, Mr Carswell sent a couple of tweets about his experience of campaigning in Stoke. One in the middle of the day and one late evening:



By praising Lisa Duffy’s ‘ground game’, he confirmed her role in managing the campaign – an activity which is entirely unlawful on her EU-funded salary.

The EU’s OLAF anti-fraud unit report is awaited with interest and should be available soon. In the interim, the people of Stoke Central should be aware of the seemingly-shameless behaviour of its MP and the party he represents, so let’s get the word out.

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  1. Hi Mate, Keep up the good work. I am reposting on Facebook. I have to say the quality of people trying to put labours case id poor. Labour should be on the front foot. People are not being reminded enough that they are still suffering from Thatchers policies. She had a long term plan to destroy our institutions in every sector as part of her control policy. Maybe a section on how the Tories have misused their power for control of the masses. political education is sadly lacking in this country. I am shocked at labour list people who don’t realise that John Major signed the first PFI deal for schools and hospitals. I just hope we can force McNicholl out along with the dissenters, Hilary Benn should have gone day one. I am afraid to say Jeremy is too soft for his own good. Best of luck Chris.

  2. I live in Copeland and I will be voting Labour. Why is Labour keeping Jeremy Corbyn away from the people. How is he going to connect with people of the North and I don’t mean Manchester further North if he is being kept away from areas like mine. It makes no sense.

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