Handshake’s gone viral, but the faces speak volumes re Trump, Abe – and May (gif)


The clip of Donald Trump’s excruciating handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has gone viral and it’s no surprise. Trump – as weak, insecure men often do – is determined to ‘win’ the handshake, while Abe resists Trump’s attempt to make him extend his arm the most. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video:

The handshake is excruciating and you really feel for Abe having to smile at the braggart bully, but the really telling moments of the video are the faces of the two men at the end. They’re over quickly, so I’ve created a couple of animated gifs so you can see them easily and repeatedly.

Bear in mind that, in international diplomacy, leaders, ambassadors and other national representatives often have to hold their metaphorical nose, to ‘grin and bear it’ even with some of the world’s most distasteful people – and Abe is known for being able to keep a straight face when he needs to.

So his reaction speaks volumes for how Trump is regarded by anyone with sense or taste:


Trump, on the other hand, has the satisfied look of a dog that just got away with humping someone’s leg to completion:


This interaction speaks volumes about the deeply-defective character who currently occupies the oval office.

It also speaks volumes about the UK’s Prime Minister, who didn’t just keep her ‘game face’ on when dealing with Trump, but was so weak and desperate she thought that stroking his ego still further by inviting him for a state visit and, it seems, golf with the queen.

At least Mr Abe had the good grace to look freaked out.

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