#Stoke ‘antisemitic Labour’ complainant is #UKIP ex-councillor kicked out for theft

UKIP must be getting some desperately bad feedback from their canvassing in the Stoke Central by-election.

UKIP’s daily newsletter, otherwise known as the Daily Express, has claimed that ‘left-wing protesters’ screamed abuse at a Jewish man outside UKIP’s ‘rally’ in Stoke:


A UKIP spokesman claimed this was ‘Labour antisemitism’ and UKIP MEPs were quick to try to capitalise:


The snag is that the article contains no evidence whatever that the events it describes took place at all, let alone that those screaming were ‘left-wing’ – or that if the events did take place, they had anything to do with his religion.

Except for the word of the man in question: Schneur Odze.

Who is Schneur Odze?

Well, the first three-quarters of the article give no indication that the man had anything to do with UKIP, though eventually it reveals that Mr Odze is not just a Jewish passer-by or curious visitor to the rally, when it quotes him saying,

They are so embittered because we are winning. But these left wingers barely speak for themselves, let alone the country

So UKIP is ‘we’. But Mr Odze is not merely a UKIP member, supporter or hanger-on. He has previously stood as a UKIP MEP candidate:

odze 5.jpg

He’s also a former councillor who was suspended from his position for stealing and resigned in disgrace. No charges were brought, but he confessed the theft to Metropolitan Police officers:


Mr Odze subsequently resigned from UKIP, accusing them of racism after the party’s ruling council voted to ban kosher slaughter – just a day after posting in support of then-deputy leader Paul Nuttall – and then rejoined.


So, we have an admitted thief with a chequered history as regards his integrity, whose claim of antisemitic abuse are taken as fact by a UKIP-supporting ‘newspaper’ in spite of his claim being the only evidence for the events in question, so it can accuse Labour of antisemitism.

Right in the middle of a by-election in which UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is becoming increasingly desperate after being shown up as a liar and fraudster, in a Labour stronghold.

Things must be going very badly for them indeed.

And some say UKIP are liars, cheats and chancers. Go figure. 

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  1. There is actually a video of people shouting go home but i was there and that was shouted at a lot of people as well as shame on you.If he was that offended why didnt he say something to the two police officers standing about 6 foot away? The same police officers who praised the organiser on another well behaved protest

  2. The above comment is correct there is a video of the incident.It should have been reported as a hate crime.

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