#ResignMay – you knew, you were silent, you consented #Muslimban #DumpTrumpsChump

Channel 4 has revealed – as tens of thousands of people protested around the UK this evening  – that Theresa May was told, in advance when she visited the White House, about Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the US.


As C4 political editor Gary Gibbon pointed out, even after the end of May’s US visit and a long transatlantic flight to Turkey, she was trying to avoid answering questions about the ban, which had been announced in the interim.

Mrs May had to be asked three times and even when she eventually answered, she failed to have an opinion on it one way or the other. She then went on to whitewash Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s despotic round-up of political opponents, which cost hundreds of lives and put tens of thousands in prison, as a

defence of democracy

Like the worst kind of enabler, she is feeding the habits of the most ego- and power-addicted – on a scale that affects millions of people.

Theresa May is clearly even more desperate than she appears to save any kind of face among the Brexit chaos and failure she and her media allies are desperately trying to cover that she will say anything, do anything – excuse anything – if it will give her a chance of some kind of trade deal before her and her party’s arrogance makes us, effectively, a political leper colony off the coast of Europe.

Faced with the exposure of her hubris, no straw is too thorny or fouled for her to clutch at in the hope that somehow she’ll look as if everything’s alright and she knew it all along.

It is not alright. Just as a weak and insecure person will ‘talk big’ to hide that weakness, May made an unnecessary rash announcement that Brexit will be triggered by the end of March – a ditherer sticking a blind pin into the calendar to try to look firm and decisive – knowing that good trade deals take many years to agree and that we have neither the time nor the experienced people for it.

piece of paper.png

So, trying to save face, she is embracing tyrants, silently consenting to bigotry-based abuses and acquiescing to the ridiculous golfing and state-visit demands of a vile, insecure narcissist.

And like the appeaser Neville Chamberlain, she hopes to come home and say ‘I have in my hand a piece of paper’, while the would-be tyrant works toward his aims.

Mrs May is demeaning our whole nation – and excusing a gross insult and injustice to over a billion people – to salve her own insecurity and weakness and to apply glue to the shattered remnants of her credibility.

Compare her spinelessness with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s response: firm, immediate and unequivocal. A leader’s response – and a statesman’s:

Donald Trump should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees’ and women’s rights.

As with any enabler, an intervention is needed – and only one will do: the people of this country saying ‘no more’ and requiring her to step down.

Theresa May is unworthy of her unelected title. Unworthy of office. Unworthy of us.

She must resign – and the UK must ‘dump Trump’s chump’ if we want to hold our heads up in the company of nations, let alone find a type of Brexit that will not hobble the UK for generations to come.

Don’t let her off the hook she has put herself on.

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  1. Theresa may waving that piece of paper reminds me a Neville Chamberlain arriving back from that meeting he had with Adolf Hitler in 1939.

  2. It shames us all that it takes a chump like Trump to stand up to terrorists. Democracy itself depends on defeating it. People rightly hate Trump for his attitude to women, disabled people etc and yet if we don’t defeat terrorism, no-one at all will have freedom or rights – including these people. This article is utter nonsense.

  3. Strange how people are willing to take to the streets over what a foreign, supposedly, democratic leader has publicly announced. Which was a continuation of Obama’s policies concerning certain countries. But will not come out on mass to support those hit by the bedroom-tax, cuts in disability payments, benefit sanctions and a host of other UK legislation that hits the countries poor. Even Corbyn is failing in this task!

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