Trump’s excuse for breaking campaign promise is pathetic – and still better than Leavers’

So, Donald Trump has broken a campaign promise, only 2 days after being sworn in as President. The White House has announced that he will not – contrary to his campaign pledge – be releasing his tax returns, even though it’s long been the tradition for Presidents to do so.

Hardly surprising, as what would be surprising would be for his tax returns not to suggest questionable dealings – although it’s darkly amusing that the best excuse he could come up with was ‘Americans don’t care‘.

Still, that’s better than what the Leave campaign could come up with on their promise to save £350 million by leaving the EU and spend that on the NHS:


The Leave campaign, of course, denied ever making the promise – when they were filmed in front of the campaign bus and posters bearing it almost every day. That was the limit of their panicked inventiveness.

So, congratulations, UKIP and xenophobe Tories – you managed to be worse than Donald Trump, one of the least honest and most awful men in the world.

No really. Congratulations.

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  1. Surely anyone on the left can’t support being in the EU, it’s a club for the rich and big business and the banks, look what they’ve done to Ukraine, Greece, how can you support that? admittedly it would have been better if we had a Labour government handling the exit, but we’re stuck with what we’ve got

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