Unseen pics add weight to pilot suicide allegation, show #Farage drink problem?

Some have challenged the bona fides of the eyewitness who has alleged that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage contributed to the suicide of ‘crash pilot’ Justin Adams by refusing to speak to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and falsely accusing Adams of threatening him.

The whistleblower – a former UKIP parliamentary candidate – claims to have been with Farage on the morning of 24 Feb 2011 when the alleged threat accusation took place, on the way back from a Mumsnet appearance.

Nigel Farage with ‘crash pilot’ Justin Adams

As evidence the the whistleblower was with Farage that morning, the SKWAWKBOX has received previously unseen ‘candids’ of Farage and his alleged former mistress Annabelle Fuller at the Mumsnet even and two showing Farage drinking.

These three pictures show Farage and Fuller at the Mumsnet office. The first two were taken with a digital camera and have a time and date stamp, while the third was taken with a Blackberry, a make which had notoriously poor image quality:




Note the pink shirt and tie.

The next two images are of Farage drinking Guinness in a pub. The whistleblower alleges that these were taken around 9.30am and are evidence of Farage’s much-rumoured drinking problem:



These images are not time-stamped, so the time cannot be confirmed with certainty, but the low-angle, bright light behind Mr Farage in the images would fit with that hour of the day in February and the 24th was a fine day in Westminster.

The shirt and tie in these images are the same as in the time-stamped photos, so would support the pictures being taken on the same day. The fact that the tie is done up rather than loosened is not definitive proof, but may suggest that he was on the way to the Mumsnet appearance rather than on the way back from it.

Whatever the truth of the allegations, there seems little doubt that the whistleblower was with Farage that day and would have been in a position to witness Farage’s alleged refusal to speak to the CAA for the desperate, bankrupt pilot and decision to make a false report of threats to the police in order to silence an annoying complainant, if they occurred.

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