Dear #PaulNuttall: if nobody counted them how do you know there were 350k?

This blog has covered various debacles involving UKIP leader Paul Nuttall recently, from his dubious and apparently self-contradictory claims about being at the Hillsborough disaster t0 his apparently non-existent MEP’s office and constituency staff that he’s still claiming large amounts of EU money for. His apparent false claims to hold a PhD and to have played professional football for Tranmere Rovers are a matter of public record.

But nothing speaks more eloquently about both Mr Nuttall’s personality (‘character’ would be the wrong word) and the nature of UKIP and of the party’s claims and modus operandi than an article he wrote for the Sunday Sport a few years ago and the fact he then tweeted a link to it, with no sense of irony or self-awareness, that made it even more nonsensical.

Mr Nuttall, as is his and his party’s wont, was holding forth about immigrants (you know, those blighters that come over here and help keep the NHS and other stuff running):


The article claims that people arrived ‘under the radar’ – and Nuttall then tweeted about it to remove any doubt about the idiocy of the claim:


When this article started to be recirculated today, a Twitter user was quick to spot the obvious flaw in his ‘reasoning’:

Indeed. But UKIPpers love to make inflammatory, racist claims and is either incapable of even being logical, or doesn’t care that what they say is nonsensical as long as the desired fearmongering and hatred-stirring is achieved – a dog-whistle is a dog-whistle and they expect some dogs to respond even if their mouths are full of crap while they blow it.

Unfortunately, Paul Nuttall is not the only one full of it. Suzanne Evans, deputy UKIP Chair and almost as annoyingly over-indulged on TV ‘news’ programmes as Nuttall and Nigel Farage, had evidently also had the logic bypass:


I’d love to ask ‘how is it that UKIP representatives can’t do basic logic and don’t get sacked‘, but I suspect it’s a basic requirement for their officers.

Let’s hope that any voters who’ve previously been fooled by these snake-oil salespeople wake up to what UKIP really is.

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    1. I don’t think I put any links up, mate, apart from to the tweet – didn’t want to link to a scummy article. Which one do you mean?

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