‘Best possible deal’ is as meaningless as ‘Brexit means Brexit’

So, Theresa May has finally said something intelligible about her intentions regarding the UK’s departure from the EU. It’s not much – and will be economically damaging – but at least her announcement that immigration controls trump (pun intended) full free market access is less nebulous than the dross she’s been doling out so far.

However, ‘habits mean habits’, so it only took seconds for something equally meaningless to become the latest soundbite: the ‘best possible deal’.

The problem is that ‘best possible’ might mean ‘absolute crap’, if absolute crap is the best you can get. And it’s likely to be.

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This author has seen a number of films – it’s a fairly common device – in which someone if, for example, being engulfed in flames and someone puts a bullet in them to bring a ‘merciful’ end to their suffering.

Being shot in the head is crap – but it’s ‘the best possible deal’ when you’re on fire with no hope of survival.

The UK is not – at least yet – on fire with no hope of survival. But it’s simply realism to recognise that the other EU nations have nothing to gain by making life easy for a departing UK and much to gain by making it hard, ‘pour encourager les autres’ – to stiffen the spines and resolve of any other governments thinking of giving their electorate the chance to decide to leave, which would likely start a ‘domino effect’.

So the bullishness of Boris Johnson and David Davies is excessive. The ‘we buy more from them’ argument holds no water when the ‘more’ is a relatively small amount for each individual nation and the other side of the scale is weighed down by the potentially drastic political and economic consequences of giving the UK an easy ride and sending a message to others that all this ‘jumping ship’ is painless.

For what it’s worth, this writer thinks that leaving the EU is inevitable now and there’s nothing to be gained by fighting it. As the old joke goes, ‘You wouldn’t want to start from here’ – it’s just about the worst possible starting point for where we need to get to, but we are where we are.

But it’s time that Theresa May and her government stopped using nonsense like ‘the best possible deal’ to try to avoid carrying the can for failing to achieve something by not actually aiming to achieve anything.

The ‘best possible’ might mean a merciful ‘death’. The government that got us into this mess needs to tell us what it aims to achieve – and accept accountability for actual success of failure in achieving it.

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  1. I think there is everything to be gained by fighting this utter idiocy. 36% of the electorate have been listened to, and down the tubes goes their country.

  2. aggressive self delusion or cynical self class interest. do not believe one word from all sides in parliament. they stay with in the farmyard waiting to be sent to the knackers

  3. Best possible deal for whom? Wont be for the little folk thats for sure.

    Brexit means Brexit. Which means NO Change.

    The Great Repeal Act. Means all EU Laws become our own.

    We leave the EU but dont leave Europe?!!! what does that mean.

    It means nothing really changes. Britain is no longer a soverign state.

    Take a look at what is happening to our armed forces, whats left of them has either been privatized or is being merged into the Great European Military Force, an EU UN (therefore USA) Global Army, designed to control us all.

    What do you think the Mayoral and new Regions are about. The new Big Cities?!! Its all EU re structuring, lto bring about an EU/ United States Structure. Our new Regions have already been allocated an EU Number. The New Mayors are to become the new Government, but with Governance lead on a Global Setting. Just at the time when they are to begin to move our MPs out of the Houses of Parliament. How convenient is that…… New Government lead from the EU in a covert fashion.

    BREXIT MEANS Transformation and Dissemination of our Political Structure and Rule of Law as we know it. The New World Order may well have sprouted wings.

    This whole exercise, along with the speeches is a DISTRACTION, designed to muddy the waters, created division and therefore allow them to do their stuff behind the scenes whilst the people pull their hair out, argue amongst themselves and are directed to miss the real meat of the AGENDA.(21) or newly named Agenda 20/30 or Transformation and Diversity …….

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