May’s ‘gratitude’ for Red Cross rescuing the #NHS? “That’s irresponsible”


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dismembered Theresa May in PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) today over the NHS, thoroughly exposing the Prime Minister’s moral and intellectual bankruptcy not only on the NHS, but generally.

Mrs May had no answer to Corbyn’s challenges:

To Corbyn pointing out there are 6,000 fewer mental health nurses under the Tories? You’ve asked me that before. (Indeed – and you didn’t answer then!)

To his statistic of 1.8 million people waiting over 4 hours in A&E (Accident & Emergency)? Here, let me answer some imaginary question you haven’t asked.

To his quote from an NHS employee about patients forced to ‘lie’ across two plastic chairs for treatment because there are no beds? Talk to the NHS – it’s up to them to investigate this ‘small number of incidents’.

To his challenge about why there’s an 89% increase in young people with mental health issues having to attend A&E because there are no mental health facilities for them to use? Young people with mental health problems don’t want to go to A&E. (Well yes, that’s what he just said – are you actually listening to yourself, Theresa?)

And, the pick of the bunch, to Corbyn raising the fact that the Red Cross had had to bail out NHS hospitals from a ‘humanitarian crisis’: the Red Cross is irresponsible.


The Red Cross stepped in, like they would in any ‘third-world’ country, to rescue withered NHS hospitals on the verge of collapse while Theresa May and her excuse for a Health Secretary went AWOL – and her idea of gratitude is ‘You’re irresponsible‘.



No wonder she opted to disappear from public view while it was all happening.

As well as issuing a huge apology to the Red Cross and thanking them properly, Mrs May should be thanking every sick person in this country.

Because the Red Cross, unlike the Conservative party, is a humanitarian organisation – and if it wasn’t for the fact that it would harm the people who get sick in the next ‘humanitarian crisis’ in an NHS that the Tories have intentionally eviscerated to the point of collapse, I suspect the Red Cross would throw her into the cesspit she and her party have created and leave her to drown in her own excrement. There’s plenty of it.

I know I would.

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  1. the ceo of unum was seen salivate at the mess the nhs in ready for sell off

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