Open Letter To Alan Johnson

Just came across this on the Turning the Tide blog, even though it was published in September. It’s brilliant – and sadly prescient, because a ‘war of attrition’ is exactly what the right-wingers are attempting, which is why Corbyn’s deciision to shake things up by going on the offensive this morning is right and welcome.

Turning the Tide


You say moderate party members must sieze the party back from middle class left wingers who see winning elections as a betrayal of their principles. Now how do I say this politely. What a load of tosh! Corbyn supporters want to win elections as much as you do. We simply don’t believe you have to sacrifice your principles to win them. It was that way of thinking that lost Labour five million voters during the Blair/Brown era – which greatly contributed to the rise of the SNP and UKIP – and fanned the flames for a brexit vote. We became the triangulation party, trying to out Tory the Tories on some policies and out UKIP UKIP on others. The public just got confused and gave up on us.


Our approach is different. We believe Labour should be a sign post party, not a focus group obsessed, weathervane party, so…

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