Is this company the funding vehicle for Blair’s comeback?

A little bird tells the SKWAWKBOX that a company named Global Counsel LLP may be the ‘funding vehicle’ for Tony Blair’s new political project. This is how the firm styles itself on its website:


The information cannot be substantiated at this time, but as an LLP (limited liability partnership), the list of its partners is readily available and makes interesting reading. Two of the four listed partners are Peter Mandelson and Benjamin Wegg-Prosser.

Mandelson and Wegg-Prosser

Mandelson needs no elation, while Wegg-Prosser, a former Blair spin-doctor, was a funder of Owen Smith’s ill-fated leadership campaign and funds ‘Labour Tomorrow‘, the organisation set up to try to counter left-wing independent news organisations and thought leadership.

Rumours are that much of the funding for the project will come from abroad. Given the well-documented closeness of both Mr Blair and Mr Mandelson to the pro-Israel lobby, it will be interesting to see, if the alleged link turns out to be true, whether ‘abroad’ includes that country as a source of revenue, as this would represent another embarrassing interference by that nation in UK politics, alongside the now-admitted Israeli involvement in various groups in both the Labour and Tory parties.

No further information is available at the moment, sufficient for the moment is to put Global Counsel LLP on the public’s radar to see what develops.

Of course, if anyone has pertinent information, please contact this blog via the comments – comments can remain unpublished if requested.

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  1. Your theory re Global Counsel is interesting but even more interesting is Global counsel’s connection with pro Putin Russian oligarchs. In my book with Francis Beckett and Nick Kochan, Blair Inc,there is chapter showing how Mandelson and Blair split up the world to get lucrative business. This led at the time to a parting of the ways but now it looks they are back together again. With Trump as president Blair has no chance – as he is heavily connected to the Clintons..Mandelson’s links with Putin could prove very valuable to him now.

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