Labour’s latest #effectiveopposition for women stark contrast with Tory damage

The Tories, without shame, claim they’re the pro-women party because of the fact of their two female prime ministers. Right…

They’ve known for years that their policies have a vastly disproportionate effect on womenand that has never stopped or moderated their actions. They’ve even refused to publish impact assessments on the extent of the damage. In spite of the willingness of media mouthpieces to talk about the issue with deadpan face, it is, beyond doubt, pure posturing and snake-oil.

Jeremy Corbyn started his leadership of the Labour party by appointing the first-ever majority-female Shadow Cabinet and has continued to strengthen the position of women on the Labour front benches – and his party’s victory on Friday shows even more clearly that Labour is the real party that promotes and cares about women.

Stalking is not, of course, only suffered by women – but it is primarily women who are victims of stalkers. So today’s news that Labour have inflicted an emphatic defeat on the Tories is one every Labour supporter should be very proud of – and every voter needs to be aware of.

Corbyn’s Labour party has forced the government to accept an amendment to legislation that will double the maximum sentence for stalking from five years to ten (from 7 to 14 for racially or religiously motivated cases). Previously, Tory ministers had argued that the existing sentences were heavy enough.


Of course, Labour’s badge of honour on the issue is the Tories’ disgrace. Lives are blighted for years – and sometimes ended – by stalkers. So to want to tie judges’ hands as to the maximum sentence they can impose, to only 5 years – to want it so much you fight to try to keep it that way – shows how low the Tory party’s regard for women really is.

But then, a party that had any heart wouldn’t allow, let alone create, a situation in which over 120,000 children along with – more often than not – their mothers, spent last Christmas without a home.

Labour’s pride is the Tories’ shame. Or should be – but you’re extremely unlikely to hear about this on BBC News or other mainstream news media. And ‘no news’ is the most common type of ‘fake news’ – especially with Establishment media set on selling the idea that Labour under Corbyn provides no ‘effective opposition’ and on preventing people from realising the hideous, heartless bunch of robber-barons that are running the country.

As well as most of the media. So it’s up to you to make sure word keeps getting out.

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