Help get an answer from @jreedmp: will he be defending Nuclear DA re pensions stitch-up?

As many readers will know, Copeland MP and avowed Corbyn opponent Jamie Reed has announced he will be stepping down from his position as MP for Copeland in western Cumbria to work at Sellafield nuclear facility – which is operated by Sellafield Ltd but owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The NDA is planning a huge attack on the pensions of nuclear workers as part of a programme of cuts and industrial action is expected to result:


As a Labour MP, at least in name, it seems fair to wonder whether Jamie Reed will show solidarity with 16,000 nuclear workers who are facing an attack on pensions they are contractually entitled to – or will he side with his new employers in his ‘PR’ function and defend the pensions-grab?

The SKWAWKBOX believes in giving people the chance to speak for themselves, so this blog put the question to him the question directly:

The response? Well, so far…


The public – especially those who work in the nuclear industry – deserve to know whether a ‘Labour’ MP will be sticking up for them when he ‘jumps ship’, or will be siding with the employers and Tory government in their attempt to put sticky fingers on the pension entitlement of people who work hard in a dangerous industry.

Especially as he’s been a stalwart of Labour’s right-wing faction, which continues to cling leech-like to the Party.

So you can help, by putting the same question to him on social media. Don’t forget to tag @skwawkbox in your message. He’s @jreedmp on Twitter – at least for the moment.

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