Confidentiality breaches as Crewe Labour councillors strike out at Maroni?

The SKWAWKBOX highlighted earlier attacks against it by some – by no means all – Crewe Labour councillors in reaction to the article on the possible suspension of new Councillor Natasha Maroni after she snapped under revolting abuse from racists, swearing at one of them.


Now, a comment posted on that article by what appears to be the wife of a Crewe town councillor gives rise to concerns that at least one councillor may have breached data ptotection on council matters.

The comment will not be approved by the moderator, in order to prevent its contents and the names of those involved from becoming visible, but here’s an edited transcript:

Natasha Maroni has NOT been threatened with suspension at all. In fact she gets every support from XXXXXXX, she is never off the phone to him and she gets him to sort all the ‘work’ she does…everything from filling in pot holes, street lamps that are out and cars parking outside schools. And, she even had the cheek to tell him she wants his or XXXXXX’s job at Cheshire East. She is digging her own hole!

The comments about suspension may be simply a case of ‘the left hand not knowing what the right is doing’.

Crewe Town Council’s data protection policy is very sparse and, instead of providing details of councillors’ duty of confidentiality it simply refers to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

However, another Town Council‘s policy is more explicit about the extent of councillors’ obligations regarding confidentiality:


From the details in the comment posted, it appears that at least one town councillor has been discussing with his spouse details that were to be kept confidential – a serious breach of the DPA if true.

This is not the limit of the causes for concern. The SKWAWKBOX has information that may indicate other, even more troubling breaches, but is not at liberty to disclose details of these at this time.

Even without those, the information put into the public domain by the – unnamed for the moment – councillor’s spouse raises further serious concerns about the way in which some Crewe Labour councillors have behaved with regard to Councillor Maroni and the situation she faces.

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