Tories cutting education by £3bn/yr – see easily what YOUR local school will lose

With culpably little mention by the media, the Tories are cutting £3 billion a year from education spending by 2020.

3 billion is a big number, hard to get one’s head around – so big that it can make us numb, so we don’t really grasp it. But numbers specific to your local school and the schools around it are directly comprehensible, relevant and hard-hitting.

So two education unions, the NUT and ATL, have set up a site that makes it as easy as a few keystrokes and clicks to see exactly how the school that your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews depend on for their education will be affected, both in terms of pounds sterling and what this means in terms of reductions in teacher numbers.

Here’s how one of this writer’s local schools will be impacted:


Find out now how your and your neighbours’ children will be affected – and spread the word about the scale of the wanton damage that the Tories are doing to education.

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