14 reasons to #VoteLen – 4 more days to join to do it


The SKWAWKBOX has posted articles this month about reasons not to vote for Gerard Coyne as the General Secretary of Unite, the support of the awful Labour First and Progress types for his candidacy and the cynical ‘Owen Smith’-like tactics his campaign are planning. Any of these would be reason enough not to vote for the challenger.

But there is a long list of reasons to vote for Len McCluskey, who resigned earlier this month to trigger the contest. All are strong, positive reasons based on the exceptional performance of the union under his leadership. 14 of them are contained in this handy graphic:


Coyne and his team offer an artifice – a ‘head in the sand’, small-minded and substanceless construct that attempts to fool voters into thinking their interests will be served by voting for him.

McCluskey offers an edifice – each of the reasons above and many more are a brick in a tower of solid service and genuine vision for the widest interests of his members and a recognition that these cannot be divorced from the needs of our society and everyone in it.

The SKWAWKBOX urges all members to give Len McCluskey their full support – and in doing so, to do the best for themselves, their families and everyone around them.

And if you’re not a member, you have 4 days – including today – to join and still qualify to vote. For as little as £2 (‘Community’ membership for the unemployed), you can have your say and make sure that Unite retains a leader who understands the big picture and will work for the benefit of his members in the widest sense. Please go here to do so.

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