Have facts on Birmingham Labour 6-yr vote-theft? A barrister wants your info

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The SKWAWKBOX recently covered the atrocious behaviour of Birmingham Labour board to prevent members who joined after Jeremy Corbyn’s initial candidacy for the Labour leadership from voting in selections for local election candidates, in a transparent attempt to maximise the likelihood of only right-wing candidates achieving selection. This move amounts to a 6-year disenfranchisement of around two-thirds of Labour members in the city region.

The blatant gerrymandering is all too typical of the kind of tactics employed by Labour right-wingers as they attempt to wrest back control of a party that has, as far as the vast majority of its members are concerned, abandoned their bankrupt, uninspiring worldview.

Now a highly-qualified barrister is seeking information on the situation.

Duncan Shipley-Dalton, who recently provided legal opinion on the unlawful imposition of two unelected members on Labour’s NEC (national executive committee) wants to gather the full facts in order to assess the lawfulness or – as seems more likely – unlawfulness of Birmingham Labour’s tactics.

In particular, he has asked for information on any:

  • rules specific to Birmingham Labour
  • standing orders
  • NEC guidelines to the Birmingham Board/LCF
  • internal memos/letters etc

If you are in Birmingham (or elsewhere) and have pertinent information including but not limited to the above, please email skwawkbox@outlook.com. Even if you don’t, please share this article so others can see it who might.

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